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All 2015 meetings will be held at the Buckingham Community Center.  We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted.  If the below information appears to be out-of-date, don't fret or worry... meetings are always the 2nd Wednesday of each month!!!

Our Next Meeting will be
Wednesday, January 14 at 6:30 PM
Buckingham Community Center

4940 Buckingham Rd
Fort Myers, FL  33905

map & directions

 "Speaker and Topic":  Presentation by Rebecca Wilson:  "Ag Assessment Guidelines"

Meeting is open to anyone wishing to learn more about bees, and those that are interested in becoming members

If you see old stuff on the website, then good... don't worry about us wasting webpage space.  We have UNLIMITED space!... and never have to remove any of the information, but have the luxury of keeping everything on the website.  If you don't like seeing the old stuff, then pretend it isn't there.  Want more information?, then also visit our state beekeepers website:  Florida State Beekeepers Association.

Our last meeting (December 10, 2014) was our Christmas Potluck Dinner

Plenty of Food...

Our own spin the prize wheel


MEMBERS ONLY Area | Download Consent & Release Form | | Minutes | Treasurer's Report | Membership ListingOur E-MAIL Address

Consent and Release Form as previously explained at meetings, is so our club has permission to use your provided information for such things as:  Creation of an membership listing/directory shared with our members to allow them to more easily stay in contact with each other by having phone numbers, contact information, etc. available, also for displaying your photos taken at website activities, etc. on our website for public viewing... or so we can contact you about upcoming special meetings, events, sales, etc.; however, please do not abuse the club directory by sending mass e-mails to complain to the membership about your club dislikes or problems with the leadership, to send junk to our members, for spamming, for hate e-mails, etc... as this is not the purpose of a club directory.

Login Information (username & password) is e-mailed to "paid-up" members on a monthly basis.  Please allow up to two months for monthly information about club, website, etc. to begin.  If you just cannot wait and need access to membership and/or other members area items (minutes, treasurer's report, membership list, etc.), you may attend a meeting and request the login information from our treasurer if she is able to ascertain your current membership status as "paid-up" Active.  All previous login information has expired as of September 31, 2014.  Login information may change more than once a year, so please keep up with the e-mailed monthly announcements (sorry, it may require that you actually open your e-mail and read something).

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Florida Melitto Files
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2013: January  <--- Note: There has been no more Newsletter's since January 2013, so please don't e-mail our
webmaster asking why the newsletters are not up-to-date.  This is an up-to-date list.

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Reminder to registered beekeepers from Freddie Howard, local apiary inspector:
If you have not already done so, please call Freddie and schedule your yearly inspection

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

  QUESTION:  Where can I get package bees, queens, and equipment?
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Our Event Calendar  

Our Local Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida Calendar.  Primarily Local BEEKEEPING Events and BEEKEEPING Activities.  Events with some State (Florida) Events.

   Global Event Calendar

FSBA Calendar includes all Beekeeping Events (Local, Florida, and other locations).  We are often incorrectly listed as Southwest Beekeepers on this calendar.

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How do I join Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida (BASF)?  Attend one of our meetings and pay applicable dues to our Treasurer, or you can DOWNLOAD Membership Application. Consent/Release Form, and mail it to our treasurer along with applicable dues.  Currently $10 for current year if you are already a member of the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA).  If you are not a member of FSBA then we can collect membership dues for FSBA as well, in which case the total amount would be $25 ($10 BASF + $15 FSBA).