Suggested AGENDA for this month's meeting

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Meeting is open to anyone interested in beekeeping, learning about bees, or interested in becoming members.

Beekeepers Helpline (6:30 - 7:00 pm)  Hands on forum and tutorial.  Questions answered and problems solved.  Sponsored by the Education Committee.

Regular Business Meeting (7:00 pm)

Call to Order

Introduction of Guests and New Members

Secretary's Report ~  Minutes  the latest supplied to webmaster

Treasurer's Report

Education Committee Report

Apiary Report - Notes & Photos by Cory | Apiary Field Days

Mentoring Committee Report

Florida State Beekeepers Association Report  by District Representative Wayne Eheart

Communication Committee Report:  Website, Facebook,
Blog, Newsletter, etc.

Unfinished or Old Business ~

New Business ~ Receive officer nominations, Vote Dec. Meeting, Take Office Jan. 2018ADJOURNMENT (followed by 15 minute break and reconvening for presentation)

MAIN PROGRAM (Speakers, Addresses, Main Feature or Presentation):

"Topic & Speaker": Dennis Speaking (and handout) on Splits (when, why, and how) plus possibly other  general beekeeping at this time of year, splits, requeening, queen cells, supering, etc.


Reminder:  Please sign Release of Liability Statements (if you have not already done so) so we may use your pictures, etc. for brochures, educational materials, website, etc.:  Virginia Riggs  Special note:  This is a release to allow other members to view your information (including posting of photos, etc. on website, blog, club directories, e-mail notices, etc.).  Please do not abuse the membership list, it is not for contacting our entire membership to complain, be negative, or to criticize our club or our leadership, but is intended to be a list for contacting mentors, friends, committee members, etc..  Please do not copy e-mails to the entire list on every matter.  If you do use the list for mass e-mail to entire membership, please use blind copy (B.C.C.) and other methods to protect (hide) e-mail addresses from malicious eyes. 

Since we are now 501(c)3 Donations are accepted from our website:

Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida can use your help.  Please DONATE to support our group's efforts.
 We are a now a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and your donations are tax deductible!:

Raffle Items:

Please help by bringing in items for our monthly meeting raffles.  Bee related items are of primary interest, but other items may be well-liked.

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Rough Draft for Committees (old & outdated, needs updating by executive committee)

Committee Name Chairperson
Members (tentative)
Education Celeste Fournier Dennis Riggs,
Hospitality** Matthew Tuma Virginia Riggs, Celeste Fournier
Apiary** Matthew Tuma Carroll Rhodes, Richard Thurlow
Executive* Don Murray  Virginia Riggs, Matthew Tuma, Cory D., Wayne Eheart
Budget Virginia Riggs Dennis Riggs, Don Murray
*Executive Committee is limited to officers and representative only... no other members.  Membership closed.

**Hospitality & Apiary Committee must be chaired by Vice President per Constitution & Bylaws