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NOTE: Over 12 months of minutes are missing due to absence of secretary and the lack of anybody willing to take minutes in her absence.

 ARCHIVED MINUTES (pdf format):  Nov2007 to Jun2011


How, When, and the Who that got it going
Our old minutes from 2008 displayed here for a little history benefit for current minutes click Current Minutes

Concise minutes of the meeting on the Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida (BASF)

Date: March 5, 2008

Venue: Lee County Extension conference rooms
Attendance: 19

• 6:30 – 6:50 PM – Refreshments

• Commencement – 6:50 PM

• Roy Beckford called the meeting to order and introduced the members of the Steering
Committee who were all present with the exception of Tom Allen.

• Present were: Mr. Keith Councell, Mr. Ron Weisburg, Mr. Dennis Riggs and Mr. Roy

• Roy turned the meeting over to Dennis Riggs. Mr. Riggs announced the next order of
business to be the nomination of and election of an association president.

Nominations for President:

1. Mr. Keith Council – Nominated by Otto Parisho, seconded by John Adams
2. Dennis Riggs – declined nomination

• Votes were cast for Keith Councell. Vote was unanimous.

• Keith Councell was elected to the position of President of the Beekeepers association of
South west Florida.

• Chairmanship of the meeting was turned over the newly elected President. Election of
officers continued.

Nomination for Vice-president:

1. Mr. Dennis Riggs - Nominated by Ron Weisburg, seconded by Scott Edson

• No other nominees were proposed. Vote was unanimous. Mr. Dennis Riggs was elected
to the position of Vice-president of the Beekeepers association of Southwest Florida.

• All other nominations to the executive body was done according to the constitution and
by-laws accepted on February 7, 2008.

Position of Secretary: Mr. Ron Weisburg
Position of treasurer: Mrs. Virginia Riggs
Position of Representative to the State Association Board of Managers: Mr. Carroll Rhodes nominated in absentia and was consulted by phone. Mr. Rhodes accepted nomination and the vote was unanimous.

• Having elected officers, the order of business as mandated by the by-laws was followed.

• Membership dues were collected by Virginia Riggs and receipts were issued.

• Minutes of the last meeting was shown on the PowerPoint screen, read by all, and
C. Cowert made a motion to approve. This was seconded by Dennis Riggs.

• A full beesuit was raffled off – Donated by the Agriculture Agent, Lee County
Extension Service. Mr. Scott Edson was winner of the raffle.

• The date for the next meeting was announced (Changed to April 23rd consequently)

• The website swfbees.com was shown by Mr. Denis Riggs who also informed the group
about the taping of an interview by Roy Beckford and Dennis Riggs for the Fox 4
Morning Blend Television Show.

• Dennis Riggs moved to adjourn the meeting. Bill McCauley seconded. The meeting
adjourned at 7:54 PM.

Date: November 28, 2007

Venue: University of Florida, IFAS, Lee County Extension Service, 3406 Palm Beach   

             Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33916

Minutes taken by: Roy Beckford, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Ph: 239-461-

                              7512, e-mail: fbeckford@leegov.com

  • -         Commencement: 6:45 PM

  • -         27 persons in total attended; 20 males, 7 females.

  • -         Introduction and brief address by: Roy Beckford

  • -         Group introduced themselves and gave a brief background on level of participation in beekeeping and apiculture

  • -         Keith Councell gave a brief update on the delay of Mr. Bert Kelly and Mr. Gary Ranker of the State Association. They were stuck in traffic on Interstate 75.

  • -         Roy Beckford asked attendee Mr. Ron Weisburg to speak to the group about the possible direction the association could take. Ron Weisburg has expertise in association development

  • -         Roy Beckford suggested, as a start, that the group select a core planning committee to direct the development stages of the association until officers are selected at the next meeting

  • -         7:58 PM - Mr. Kelly and Ranker arrives.

  • -         Mr. Kelly addressed the group and gave pointers on ways to commence the association

  • -         Questions were fielded to Mr. Kelly on membership issues, dues, adoption of by-laws; direction other association chapters have taken

  • -         Mr. Gary Ranker addressed the group and provided print material as models for a constitution and by-laws

  • -         Mr. Ranker suggested that the name ‘Southwest Florida’ may be in use as the previous chapter may be ‘asleep’ and therefore still in existence.

  • -         Six (6) persons were chosen to form a steering committee to implement the association and determine the next meeting date. The six are: (with area of expertise and contact information following their names) 

  1. Mr. Tom Allen – By-laws and constitutional writing

  2. Mr. Ron Weisburg – Association and organizational development

  3. Mr. Dennis Riggs – E-mailing and website development

  4. Mr. Keith Councell

  5. Mr. Roy Beckford – IFAS information, mailing list development

  6. Mr. John Ringland

 -         The meeting adjourned at 10:22 PM




Rough Draft for Committees, no information has been provided for website at this time:

Committee Name Chairperson
Members (tentative)
Honey Queen    
National Bee Awareness Day    
*Executive Committee is limited to officers and delegate only... no other members.  Membership closed.

**Hospitality & Apiary Committee must be chaired by Vice President per Constitution & ByLaws







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