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South Florida Bee College - 2017

 Friday & Saturday, August 11-12, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center
3205 College Ave
 Davie, FL. 33314

Bee College is the most extensive educational honey bee event in the state of Florida! Everyone is welcome to attend Bee College: beekeepers, naturalists, farmers, gardeners, county agents, and anyone interested in honey bees! This two-day event offers lectures in the morning and hands-on workshops in the afternoon. There are live honey bee colonies on site for open hive demonstrations and protective gear is available for everyone. Bee College is simply the best time you could have learning about bees.


Remote Monitoring System for Beekeepers
purchase frames and foundation from Anthony Nourse
to support his research and development

Anthony spoke briefly at our April 2017 Meeting. He mentioned that he had setup a manufacturing system for making deep frames and was selling them at a very reasonable price in order to fund his research and development of a remote monitoring system for beekeepers.

The frames are based on the standard Langstroth design for deep frames (19" x 9 1/8" x 1 3/8") and are made from spruce/pine/fir (SPF).

They are pre assembled using FDA approved plastic foundation which is double coated with beeswax. if purchased in units of 1000 the price before tax and packaging would be $1.95 ea.

Proceeds will be used to fund his remote monitoring system currently in the developmental stages.

The UF/IFAS Lee County Extension, in collaboration with the Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida (BASF) offers a 4-week introductory beekeeping class this summer.

Classes begin on
 Saturday March 4, 2017.

Space is limited to 12 students. Students receive a basic kit including bee veil, smoker, hive tool, resource book, and one-year membership to BASF.

Bees are NOT provided
as part of this package!

Cost of the course is $135.

Pre-registration is necessary for inclusion in the class.

Morning classroom sessions are at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center. Afternoon practical sessions are at the BASF apiary.

For more information, view and/or download FLYER and COURSE OUTLINE.

Apiary Work & Field Day
was held Saturday, February 18, 2017
...and much was accomplished | READ NOTES and photos by Cory Dombrowski

David Mendes demonstrating powder sugar shake to take a mite count. Going thru hives... follow up from last apiary visit meeting
David Mendes showing and discussing frame of bees

Click on photos to view larger version of photo

David Mendes demonstrating the either roll for performing varroa mite count.

Photos by Robert C. Kemper

Focus on Varroa Mite count:  David Mendes demonstrating powdered sugar shake and either roll.  Mites were counted and bees were counted in order to arrive at ratio of mites/100 bees to ascertain if a problem exists and if treatment is required... or to analyze if current treatment is or has been effective.

READ NOTES and additional photos by Cory Dombrowski

Apiary Work & Field Day
was held Saturday, February 4, 2017
...and much was accomplished

Everybody hard at work.  Click photo to view larger versions. Carroll reading a frame.
Special thanks to member, David Mendes was a huge help that day!

Click on photos to view larger version of photo

All hives eventually were inspected, balanced, fixed, etc.

Photos by Robert C. Kemper

The Work Day "To-Do" List included:  Inventory all wooden wear in trailer, note how many full hives we have for doing splits, note how many sets (top, 1 deep, a bottom bored and 20 frames) we have. If there is any bad wax in frames cut it out. Scrape all inside of boxes if need be. Trailer- Knock down all cobwebs and sweep out best as possible. Visual inspection of all hive stands.  Make sure no cinderblocks are sinking and that all stand wood is not rotting or nails protruding. Visual inspection of outside of hives. Check for rotting or new entrances that colonies make. Make sure that the bottoms and tops are in good condition. Decide where we can we set up a nuc yard on Richard's property. Preferably away from all other hives. When going into hives. Just check on numbers of bees. Are bees covering the tops of frames when top is pulled off? We need to know if they will be able to do a split.  Do the mite treatment with everyone to teach.

Thanks to all that showed up with buckets of water, and their willingness to help "get 'er done".

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