The 10 Best Beekeeping Suits That Protects You From Bee Stings

Beekeeping is one of the most rewarding hobbies around the world. And you need only a few things to get started – the most important of which is the best beekeeper suit.

Bee suits are specially designed to protect you from nasty bee stings. The best ones are lightweight and ventilated, keeping you cool in warm weather and preventing excess sweating. After all, a beekeeper’s busiest season is during the hot summer months.

Bee suits make for the best investment because many come with premium accessories, gloves, gauntlets, and much more. They should have deep pockets, allowing you to carry and reach important equipment such as hive tools, queen cages, markers, and more with ease.

Simply put, bee suits are a lifelong investment that you should research carefully to get the best value. And we’re here to help!

We’ve handpicked 10 of the best beekeeping suits for you to choose from.

The 10 Best Beekeping Suits

1. The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil

The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil

Tending to your hives will be a breeze, thanks to this high-quality beekeeping suit from Ultra Breeze. It ticks all the boxes in keeping you both safe and comfortable when working outside.

First, it’s important to highlight the outstanding sting protection this bee suit offers, which is one of the most important features you should prioritize.

It has three layers of ventilated mesh fabric, which helps keep you safe and prevents overheating and excess sweating. The mesh-like fabric doesn’t impend movement, meaning you’ll still be able to perform delicate maneuvers and walk around comfortably all the while.

This suit has 2-way brass zippers on the jacket and suit, which offers great durability and prevents any wear and tear damage. It also comes with multiple pockets which are incredibly useful for carrying hive tools, queen cages, and other equipment you might need on hand.

The hood is roomy and helps keep the veil off your face, which is very important when examining bee frames in warm weather. This hood can be detached, offering convenient storage when not in use.

We also love that this bee suit is very straightforward to clean – simply machine wash cold the suit, and hand-wash the hood. It’s advised not to use bleach, and do not wring or twist when drying.

All sizes are in men’s sizes – women will wear smaller sizes than usual. When selecting, the most important measurement is from the back of the neck to the inseam of the pants.

If you fall in-between sizes, it’s best to select larger to allow for bending, stretching as you work with the bees.

Things we love:

  • 3 layers of ventilated fabric
  • High-quality zippers add durability
  • Multiple pockets for carrying small tools
  • Straightforward to clean with detachable hood
  • Variety of sizes and size guides

Things to consider:

  • Sizes are in men’s sizes – use the comparison charts if buying for a woman

2. Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

This aerodynamic bee suit from Humble Bee has everything you need to stay safe when outdoors tending to your beehives.

Firstly, it’s made of 100% synthetic fabric, which helps keep you cooler in hot weather. It doesn’t compromise on protection either; a lightweight foam insert provides unrivaled defense against bee stings, whilst still giving you the freedom to move around freely.

The suit is tailored to fit, with elastic waist, wrists, and ankles that ensure you are sealed – no bees can travel inside the suit! There’s also thumb and foot holds to keep everything in place whilst beekeeping.

We’re equally impressed with the high-quality finish of the suit. Heavy-duty brass zippers and polycotton-lined pockets add incredibly durability to the suit too, and it comes with a deluxe canvas carrying case for easy storage and carrying.

The suit comes with 4 nylon, and 3 double-stitched pockets; perfect for carrying an assortment of accessories such as hive tools, queen cages, markers, and keeping them close at hand.

We love that this suit is very straightforward to maintain. The veil can be removed too for easy cleaning, and is self-supporting, meaning the veil doesn’t collapse on your face.

This is a unisex designed suit and as such is ideal for both men and women. It has a variety of sizes, including height and chest measurements available.

Finally, to leave a sweet taste in your mouth when purchasing, 10% of earnings are donated to not-for-profit organizations that encourage local beekeeping activities and conservation efforts!

Things we love:

  • Made of 100% synthetic fabric – keeps you cool
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles offer protection
  • Lightweight foam insert adds protection with no weight
  • Comes with an attractive canvas carry case
  • 10% goes towards bee conservation

3. VIVO Professional Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit with Veil Hood

VIVO Professional Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit with Veil Hood

This premium beekeeping suit from VIVO offers unmatched protection from bee stings and will keep you comfortable throughout your beekeeping day.

First, it’s made of a lightweight fabric that does not restrict movement. Its light texture helps regulate heat, preventing sweating and overheating during particularly warm days. It also ensures bee stings won’t penetrate and harm you.

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We love the high-quality finish of the various zippers, which are all heavy-duty. Convenient Velcro can be placed over these zippers, eliminating any chance of bees entering small crevices. Elastic wrist and ankle openings also ensure there aren’t any small surprises crawling throughout your suit!

A self-supporting veil ensures the mesh material is kept away from your face at all times, improving visibility and reducing irritation. It also ensures bees can’t sting around your face, as the veil never gets a chance to stick to your skin.

Cleaning this suit is very easy – simply hand-wash both the jacket and hood to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Whilst there are a variety of sizes on offer, this suit is ideal for anyone up to a height of 6’1”.

Things we love:

  • A lightweight fabric that reduces heat and improves movement
  • Elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • High-quality finish to zippers
  • Velcro attachments around zippers close small crevices

Things to consider:

  • Not ideal for anyone over 6’1” in height

4. Natural Apiary Fencing Veil – Total Protection for Professional and Beginner Beekeepers

Natural Apiary Fencing Veil - Total Protection for Professional and Beginner Beekeepers

Enjoy beekeeping with complete peace of mind, with this all-in-one bee suit from Natural Apiary

One of the best parts of this suit is undoubtedly the veil. Made with clear mesh, this patented design has improved visibility and will allow you to inspect hives without any distraction or blockages. The veil mesh is non-flammable, which helps prevent damaging your suit when using your bee smoker, whilst also protecting your face from the heat.

Made of high-quality poly-cotton (65% cotton and 35% polyester), this bee suit will stop stings from ever piercing through, whilst also supporting your body throughout the day.

The zippers are some of the strongest on the market. They’re made of YKK gunmetal, which is 10 times stronger than plastic competitors, and 5 times stronger than brass. These zippers are also corrosion-resistant.

Industrial-strength Velcro and elastics offer you a completely sealed and safe experience; no bee will ever enter your suit. The collar is also reinforced with extra thickness to protect vital, vulnerable spots.

Large pockets allow you to hold anything from bee equipment to car keys and more. Cleaning is a breeze too – the suit itself is machine washable.

Things we love:

  • Made of high-quality poly-cotton material
  • Non-flammable veil offers protection to both suit and your face
  • YKK gunmetal zippers are incredibly durable
  • Elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • A reinforced neck-area protects vulnerable areas
  • Velcro attachments around zippers close small crevices

5. Bees & Co U74 Natural Cotton Beekeeper Suit with Fencing Veil

Bees & Co U74 Natural Cotton Beekeeper Suit with Fencing Veil

Made from 100% pure, unbleached cotton, this suit from Bees and Co. are the world’s first natural beekeeper suit and sure to serve you well throughout the year.

Gentle on your skin and kinder to bees, the suit’s natural cotton is sting-resistant and because it’s untreated, you can be confident it won’t harm your hives.

Sizing in any bee suit is very important. As a unisex bee suit, it is not oversized, or undersized; expect exact measurements and a true-fit when ordering your suit.

A removable fencing veil means that washing this suit and storing it away is incredibly easy and straight-forward. The suit has an elasticated waistband and cuffs, which provide a sealed experience and prevents bees from traveling through your suit. An elastic thumb loop also helps keep everything in place.

You can carry a variety of tools thanks to the three pockets and two leg hive-tool pockets. Pockets are durable and double-stitched, allowing you to carry even sharp instruments such as queen cages, scissors, and more.

Heavy-duty zippers minimize damage and help extend the life of the suit. Finally, with cotton knee-pads to help support your legs, you can go down for a closer inspection without suffering from fatigue. They can also make for comfortable gardening gear!

Things we love:

  • Unbleached cotton is gentle on your skin and bees
  • Removable fencing veil
  • Double-stiched pockets allow for carrying sharp tools without fear of damage
  • Sizes range from 4’11” to 6’6”
  • Elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • Cotton knee-pads for comfort

6. Beekeeping Suit with Sheepskin Gloves & Ventilated Fencing Veil Hood

Beekeeping Suit with Sheepskin Gloves & Ventilated Fencing Veil Hood

Promising protection and ventilation, this bee suit from Reliancer is an all-around great investment to make, covering every part of your body effectively.

The signature part of this suit is the goatskin gloves. They are heavy-duty, full-length, sting-proof, and add another layer of protection to arms. These are especially useful when performing intricate maneuvers on hives, including marking and clipping queens or examining frames.

The gloves are made from soft pliable goatskin leather, allowing for maximum flexibility and mobility at all times. Coupled with the suit’s elastic cuffs, you’ll have a very tight, enclosed suit where no bee can get in.

Now let’s talk about the suit itself. Made of 65% cotton, 35% polyester, this suit blends strength and durability effortlessly. The material is lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down or overheat. But it’s still thick enough to prevent stings puncturing through to hurt you.

The veil hood of this suit is non-flammable and detachable. It is self-supporting, meaning it will protect your face and won’t irritate it. Double metal zippers throughout the suit, as well as velcro attachments, ensure you can put on and take off the suit easily.

The suit also features high-elasticity bands at wrists, ankles, and waist to create a tight, comfortable fit. A reinforced collar also adds protects one of the most vulnerable parts of a beekeeper – the neck! Lastly, this bee suit is machine washable, and the head should be hand-washed, which makes maintaining it very straight-forward.

Things we love:

  • Premium goatskin gloves included
  • Cotton/polyester blended suit is strong and lightweight
  • Non-flammable, detachable veil
  • Double metal zippers, Velcro, and elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • The suit is machine washable
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7. REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit with Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit with Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

Spend your time beekeeping without a worry, with this protective bee suit from REAMTOP.

Made of premium white polyester fabric, this suit set gives you added protection against stings and also helps keep you cool during hot summer days.

The veiled hood is self-supporting and helps keep a wide field of vision at all times. The mesh won’t stick to skin or irritate you, and the soft steel rim supports wearing a hat underneath without losing any of its’ shape.

We think you’ll agree, the high-quality goatskin leather gloves are incredibly useful, and provide safety and flexibility in tandem. Tailored full-length sleeves with elastic cuffs at arms, waist, and ankles are included and help create a tightly closed fit for added arm protection and general peace of mind.

A large pocket at the front of the jacket is a great way of carrying accessories such as bee brushes, hive tools and more – always keeping them within reach when needed.

The unisex design of this suit means it can be widely used by any beekeeper. Because the suit comes separately as a jacket and pants, it’s easy to put on and off and store. You also have the choice of wearing just the veil if a hive is particularly docile and/or you’re only examining the entrances and not opening them up.

Things we love:

  • Premium goatskin gloves included
  • Elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • Large pocket to store tools
  • A unisex design that is also suitable for gardening

Things to consider:

  • Take care that suit is fully sealed

8. Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

Offering lifelong protection against stings, this polycotton bee suit from Humble Bee will elevate your beekeeping in an instance.

First, we love how well made the suit is. Firstly, it’s made of medium-weight 50% cotton and a 50% synthetic blend, which protects fully against bee stings and provides comfort during hot and mild weather.

Next, it has tailor-fit elastics at the waist, wrists, and ankles to provide a sealed suit experience. Thumb and foot-holds help keep everything in place whilst you’re at work.

The suit has heavy-duty brass zippers and 6 durable double-stitched pockets which add incredibly longevity. 4 ballistic nylon pockets are ideal for holding hive tools, brushes, and other hive accessories.

The veil is self-supporting, which ensures you have clear visuals of the hive at all times. It also means the veil will keep away from sticking to your face. The suit also comes with an attractive canvas carrying case for safe storage and transport.

With a unisex design, this suit can be worn by both men and women from 5’9” to 5’10”. It has a removable veil for both easy cleaning and storage.

Lastly, 10% of earnings are donated to not-for-profit organizations that encourage local beekeeping activities and bee conservation projects!

Things we love:

  • Cotton and synthetic blend offers maximum protection with medium weight
  • 6 durable double-stitched pockets and 4 ballistic nylon pockets
  • 360-degree visuals from the veil
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles offer protection
  • Comes with an attractive canvas carry case
  • 10% goes towards bee conservation

Things to consider:

  • The maximum height is 5’10”

9. Unisex Bee Suit with Veil from FOREST BEEKEEPING SUPPLY

Unisex Bee Suit with Veil from FOREST BEEKEEPING SUPPLY

Make your beekeeping life easier with this high-quality, classic suit from Forest Beekeeping Supply.

This suit is all about visibility; its sturdy mesh veil gives you clear visuals at all times,  without ever compromising on safety. It’s detachable too, making it easy to store and clean.

Excessive sweating and discomfort during a long, hot summer’s day is a thing of the past, now! Made of premium cotton, this suit is both incredibly lightweight and allows for great ventilation.

We also love how the suit includes elastic thumb straps, which help keep everything in place. The suit boasts very sturdy brass zippers, which won’t wear down or break after continual use.

Finally, this suit has a unisex design that will suit both men and women. It has a tailored medium size fit which is designed for both newcomer beekeepers and experts alike.

Things we love:

  • Removable aerated veil
  • Thumb straps help keeps everything in place
  • Strong brass zippers improve durability
  • Lightweight material
  • Tailored medium size

10. Professional Beekeeping Suit with Goatskin Gloves (1 Pair) and Bee Stickers

Professional Beekeeping Suit with Goatskin Gloves (1 Pair) and Bee Stickers

With safety and functionality at its core, this bee suit from Buzz Beeekping Supplies promises to help maximize the time you spend with your hives.

First, it has elastic wrists and ankle cuffs which ensures no bees can ever enter your suit. An inside collar also protects your neck, one of the most vulnerable spots of beekeepers.

The suit is made of a cotton and poly blend, which is lightweight but still able to repel stings with ease. A detachable fencing veil can be removed and put back on with ease – making it ideal to clean and store.

We also love that there are an incredible 10 pockets on this suit, each located conveniently for easy, quick access. Pockets are also deep enough to store long accessories such as hive tools, markers, and more, and some come with Velcro flaps to ensure nothing falls out.

High-quality goatskin leather gloves are a great addition to this suit. They’re soft on your skin and together with the sleeves, your arms will be ventilated and protected.

With durable heavy-duty zippers, the suit will last the test of time and won’t get caught up or rip easily. When not in use, store the bee suit in the included vinyl carrying case. Also included are bee-themed bumper stickers, where you can let everyone on your street know where they can get their local honey from!

Things we love:

  • Premium goatskin gloves included
  • Cotton and poly blend is lightweight but still sting-proof
  • 10 pockets, all conveniently located around the suit
  • Ventilated sleeves
  • Elastic openings ensure the suit is sealed
  • Heavy-duty zippers

Beekeeper Suit Buyer’s Guide

Beekeeping is such a popular hobby right now, and there are lots of brands vying for your attention.

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With so much choice, it might be difficult to decide which suit will work best for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best bee suit.

Beekeeper suit


The best suits will come with a high-quality veil that not only protects your face but ensures maximum visibility at all times. Remember, beekeeping is all about precision and you need clear visuals at all times.

Look for a mesh that offers as wide a frame of view as possible. Veils should be detachable, as these are easier to clean and store away.

Some veils are advertised as “self-supporting”; this means that the veil is structured to keep off your face and never stick to your skin. This is important to look for, considering how sweaty a bee suit can become!


Most of the bee suits we’ve recommended are a mix of cotton and polysynthetic materials. These work best because they are lightweight, allowing you to move, help ventilate and regulate heat, but are still effective at keeping stings away.

Some suits (especially veils) are non-flammable, which is an important feature to consider when beekeeping, because of using bee smokers.

Color and style – simple is always best

Bee suits often come in white, and this is for a very good reason. It’s thought that this color contrasts with natural predators bees have and helps calm them when you approach the hive.

Whilst some suits have different designs and colors, it’s best to avoid these and go for the traditional pale color.

Sizing Matters

You need to find a suit which will cover you from head to toe. Many of our recommendations come with a variety of sizing and measurements to suit everyone’s needs.

Pay close attention to which one will suit your body dimensions, especially if they are unisex suits. If you are in-between sizes, it’s recommended that you buy the larger size. Some suits are tailor-fitted, so again, compare measurements before ordering.


Deep pockets on a bee suit are an essential design feature. There are times when you will need your hive tool, a bee brush, marker, queen cage, and scissors in quick succession.

Make sure these pockets are strategically placed in easy-to-reach places around the suit. Always ensure they’re well made and stitched, to prevent holes from developing.

Lifetime investment?

As with any piece of clothing, bee suits can break. Pay close attention to how zippers and pockets are made, as these are the things that will get the most wear-and-tear damage.

Always check zippers before opening hives to ensure there are no small gaps. Suits with double-stitched pockets tend to be more durable and will resist holes.

If your suit uses elastics on ankles, wrists, or waistlines, be careful when putting and taking it off, in case these snap. Taking your time will help extend the life of these parts.


Some suits may offer you accessories such as gauntlets, leather gloves, and/or tools with your purchase. This may be a great option if you are just beginning and want to expand your toolset.

Veils are an essential part of a suit, and should not be considered ‘extras’.

Easy to clean?

Beekeeping by its very nature can be dirty work. Out in nature, walking through fields, forests, and more. Your suit will get dirty – this is inventible.

However, it’s important to regularly clean your suit to improve both your comfort but also the health of your hives. The best bee suits should be machine washable. Veils are often hand-wash only.

Beekeepers with bee suits

Frequently Asked Questions About Beekeeper Suits

Why should I wash my bee suit?

Beekeeping is tough work, and often when you are in a suit you will sweat.

It’s important to keep your suit clean so that you are not only protected but comfortable and there is fresh ventilation in your suit.

Any bee stings or smells imprinted onto your suit may still contain an ‘alarm pheromone’ which can alert and annoy future hives that you visit. Cleaning helps reduce annoying bees and prematurely activating their defensive nature.

How should I clean my bee suit?

Firstly, it’s always recommended when cleaning your suit to remove the veil. That is why picking a suit with a detachable head-piece is recommended.

Whilst each suit’s instructions may vary, many popular brands are machine-wash friendly. If you want to be safe rather than sorry, hand-wash everything. Veils are particularly delicate and should never be machine-washed.

Avoid chemicals such as bleach which may stain your suit and/or reduce its durability. Fabric softeners with extreme smells may also annoy your hives.

How do I dry it off?

When drying your suit, do not bundle it together or wring it dry – this can damage stitching and cause holes in your suit, something you want to avoid at all times.

So how do you store your suit? When folding, make sure not to put excess weight on the veil, as this can cause tiny fractures in its material. If it detaches, store it separately.

Regular cleaning helps maintain the fabric of your bee suit. It’s a good time after your suit dries to check for damage, especially around zippers and pockets.

What other accessories should I buy?

As well as a suit, it’s recommended to wear gloves and gauntlets up to your elbows. Some veils offer complete protection to the top of your head, but many beekeepers choose to wear hats underneath, too.

Finally, investing in a pair of long wellington boots, especially if hives are located across farms or muddy fields.

Should I clean my accessories?

As well as your suit, always ensure gloves, gauntlets, wellingtons, and more are cleaned regularly in tandem. Dipping them in vinegar can help keep them clean, freshening them up, and also help maintain the quality and feel of leather, plastics, and synthetics. If in doubt, always consult the instructions.


Beekeeping is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies around the world. And for good reason. It’s an active pastime that has you enjoying the great outdoors, and the honey you’ll earn at the end of the season can help seal the deal.

But to start beekeeping, you need one simple thing first; the best bee suit.

As we’ve said before, the best bee suits will be comfortable to wear and protect you from all manner of bee stings. Especially if you are a beginner, a great suit can put your mind at ease as you learn all about taking care of your hive.

The best suits should come with multiple deep pockets, high-quality gloves, gauntlets, and/or headgear for maximum protection, flexibility, and value-for-money.

As always, ensure your suit (a) fits well, (b) is lightweight and flexible, and (c) has a high-quality finish to its zips.

With the best bee suit, you have a lifelong investment in one of the world’s oldest and most popular hobbies. The only thing left to do is don your wellingtons, pick up your hive tool, and spend your long, hot summers with one of nature’s hardest workers.

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