The 5 Best Bee Hive Stands for Dry and Healthy Bee Hives

If you want to extend the life of your bee hives and improve their condition, you’ll need to invest in one simple starter product – the best bee hive stands.

Bee hive stands are a necessary add-on to any hive and come with several bonuses that help you throughout the year. From improving moisture levels during warm months avoiding mold to helping reduce and eliminate pests such as slugs, hive stands are simple ways of raising your hives to higher heights.

Your bees will appreciate the easy-to-access hive entrance, which will be suspended above vegetation and obstacles. Hives will become well ventilated, reducing the chances of disease and fungi from sprouting, too.

The best hive stands will be made of high-quality, rust and rot-proof materials. And whether it’s holding a singular hive, two or more, you will have great peace of mind that your hives are safe and secure, no matter the weather.

We’ve trialed and tested 5 popular bee hive stands to help you find the best one for your apiary. We’re confident you can make an informed decision from our reviews.

Top 5 Bee Hive Stands

1. Mann Lake HD-709 Adjustable Hive Stand

Mann Lake HD-709 Adjustable Hive Stand

If you’re looking for safety and security for your growing hives, we highly recommend this adjustable hive stand from Mann Lake.

The first thing you need to know about this hive stand is that it’s made of high-quality, strong materials including zinc-plated steel. This steel will be able to hold even the heaviest, honey-laden hives with ease. And because of its zinc makeup, it won’t bend or buckle even in extremely hot temperatures.

Furthermore, this is a single hive-stand, which means it will center its support and offer unparalleled security for high-tiered hives with multiple brood boxes or honey supers placed on top. This will give you great peace of mind throughout the year.

This hive stand can hold both standard 10-frame and 8-frame hives easily. Because the stand has four legs, it reduces the opportunity for pesky pests such as slugs and snails from interfering with your hives. 

This hive stand will raise your hives off the ground by 6 ½”, which allows for improved airflow and ventilation to your hives. Regulated moisture control helps reduce fungi growth and improves general health hive.

That said, this measurement may be especially low for beekeepers who suffer from back strain to access lower chambers. It also means you’ll have to ensure vegetation surrounding your hive is kept low.


  • Made of sturdy, zinc-plated steel
  • Works with both 10 and 8 frame hives
  • Raises hives off the ground to improve airflow and moisture
  • Quick, straightforward assembly
  • Screws, washers and bolts all come included

Things to consider:

  • It may not be ideal for beekeepers with back strain
  • Ensure vegetation is always cut down around the hive

2. Ultimate Hive Stand for Beekeepers from Farmstand Supply

Ultimate Hive Stand for Beekeepers from Farmstand Supply

Improve the performance (and look!) of your apiary with this strong, durable hive stand from Farmstand Supply.

The first thing we’re impressed with by this hive stand is the technopolymer construction. This means the stand will not rust or rot from weather or the passage of time and makes for a lifelong investment in your beekeeping.

We also love how this stand functions. It can raise your hives 12” off the ground, which is an ideal height for beekeepers to work comfortably at both top and lower boxes without any back strain.

The stand can hold both 10 frame and 8 frame configurations, making it flexible for new and established hives. It also works with any bottom board, making it incredibly versatile with other equipment you may have.

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We especially love the heavy-duty rails of this stand, which offer even the heaviest hive optimal support throughout the bee season. Built-in drains also help to keep the inside of your hive dry, regulating moisture and improving hive health.

Additionally, we love the frame rack which comes with this hive stand, which allows you to place several frames to one side within arm’s reach during hive inspections.

Large foot pads help spread the load and ensure stability, even when hives are brimming with heavy, honey-loaded supers. 

Lastly, assembly is straightforward and should take less than two minutes with only a screwdriver required. Security screws included add additional strength and prevent the hive from tilting.


  • Technopolymer construction prevents rot or rust
  • Raises hives 12” off the ground
  • Built-in drains help keep hives dry
  • Large footpads offer stability
  • Works with both 10 and 8 frame hives, and is ideal for flow hives
  • Quick, straightforward assembly – you only need a screwdriver

3. VIVO Black Plastic Beehive Stand, Beekeeping Hive Support Tool

tic Beehive Stand, Beekeeping Hive Support Tool

With an understated design that functions brilliantly, this hive stand from VIVO is perfect for both beginners and professionals alike,e and will hold your hives in place indefinitely.

The first thing you should know about this hive stand is that it accepts 10-frame Landsroth bee hives, which are the most common ones found in beekeeping. 

The hive stand features interlocking joints which fit snugly together for an all-around strong, durable hold. It has four solid feet which spread weight evenly across for a secure hold. And because it is a single hive stand, you can expect even the heaviest hive to be catered for.

And because of its four-leg design, this can help limit pest invasions from both slugs, snails and other troublesome insects from tampering with your hive.

Arguably our favorite feature is the metal support bars, which extend out from the stand and can be used to hold frames during busy examinations or hang your hive tool and bee smoker from.

This stand will hold your hive 12.4” off the ground, which is an ideal measurement that will help you reach the top and bottom of your hives comfortably. It ensures your hive has great airflow and won’t ever touch the damp ground. Bees will never have their entrance blocked by weeds and vegetation, either. 

The stand has an open-slot design which improves ventilation the whole year-round. Simply slide off the bottom of your hive to fit on the stand. 

Lastly, no DIY skills are necessary to assemble the stands. Everything you need to put it together is included!


  • Ideal hive stand for Landsroth bee hives
  • Metal support bars extend to hold frames during inspections
  • Open slot design allows for excellent ventilation
  • Four legs reduce pests climbing up to hive entrance

4. 10-frame Hive Stand Beekeeping Bee Hive

10-frame Hive Stand Beekeeping Bee Hive

Sometimes, simple works best, and this hive stand from Toughtimbers has a no-frills approach to securing your hives and helping them reach new heights.

Made from pine wood, this stand comes already with lots of natural endurance and strength. The wood can be treated easily for additional resistance against rot and weather damage. 

The stand accepts standard 10 frame hives, which is one of the most popular sizes of hives. Whilst the stand arrives unassembled, wood comes with predrilled holes for user-friendly assembly. Clear and concise instructions are included and ensure you’ll have the hive stand set up in a matter of minutes without any DIY skills.

With dimensions of 16” x 1” x 20”, your hive will be propped up adequately above ground. Hives will no longer come in contact with dampness, and you can expect improved airflow and ventilation throughout the beekeeping year. With improved moisture, you’ll also help eliminate fungi and disease, too.

Lastly, we love that the bottom board fits snugly underneath and allows bees to land comfortably. This is especially important during the summer months when bees are out foraging, and are weighed down by nectar. They need easy access to the entrance of the hive – which this hive stand helps deliver on.


  • Ideal for beginner beekeepers with smaller hives
  • Landing platform helps bees weighed down with nectar enter hive safely
  • Simple, easy to assemble hive stand
  • Works with 10 frame Langstroth hives
  • Clear instructions and predrilled holes on wood

Things to consider:

  • Pine usually needs additional treatment to preserve the wood
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5. LOVSHARE Adjustable Metal Hive Stand

LOVSHARE Adjustable Metal Hive Stand

If you want a hive stand that will last the test of time and can be adjusted to your precise specifications, look no further than this stand from LOVSHARE.

Firstly, we love how this hive stand is made of high-quality materials. Sturdy, zinc-plated steel ensures your stand has extra durability and resistance. And because it’s made of metal, you can expect it to serve you and your hives indefinitely, with little maintenance required.

This hive stand has a large weight capacity, capable of holding up to 331 lbs of weight, making it an ideal stand for strong hives with additional honey super boxes on top during the summer.

What’s more, this stand’s width and height can be further adjusted to your exact specifications. Adjust the width between 15-19”, and height 16.1-20.9”, depending on your setup, location and your preference.

The hive stand is suitable for both 10 frame and 8 frame hives, and like many of its competitors, will also help keep moisture away from your bottom board. 

The stand is incredibly easy to assemble and will require no DIY skills. You can even place it on uneven ground, cement floors and other tricky locations by using the mounting screws supplied.


  • Adjustable height and width offer amazing flexibility
  • Made of strong, zinc-plated steel for extra durability
  • Mounting screws allow you to place it in tricky locations
  • Straightforward, easy assembly
  • Capable of holding heavy hives up to 331 lbs

Bee Hive Stand Buying Guide

With all things beekeeping, there are lots of products on the market vying for your money. It’s important to consider a variety of things when purchasing the best hive stand.

Frame holders

Trust us when we say that one of the most useful features on any hive stand will be the frame holder. These holders are so convenient because when you’ve opened up a busy hive to inspect, you want everything within arm’s reach. 

You can place several frames of bees onto these holders, keeping close to the hive and most importantly, safe. You can also hang other beekeeping tools on these holders, including your hive tool and bee smoker.

What materials are used in making the hive stand?

The 3 most popular materials used for hive stands are metal, wood and plastic. Each one has benefits, so prioritize which will suit your circumstances best.

Metal hive stands offer the most security for your hives. These are often made of zinc-plated steel and are already rot and rust-resistant. Metal stands can hold heavy loads – which make them ideal for established hives with high honey yields.

Wooden hive stands are also strong and simple to put together. They also have an attractive, natural grain to them which complements your hive box well. Always ensure the wood is treated and preserved, especially if exposed to the weather. Only use non-toxic chemicals and paints, similar to your hive boxes.

Plastic hive stands are lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to move and often very affordable. If considering plastic, always ensure that stands are UV-resistant so they don’t crack in sunlight, and check how much weight they can carry.

Single hive stand? Or double?

There are two types of hive stands you can buy:

  • A single hive stand has centralized support, which makes it an ideal option if you have a strong hive and expect a high-honey yield. Remember, a hive with honey can be an incredibly heavy thing, so a single hive stand offers concrete security and peace of mind.
  • A double hive stand (or one which can hold more than 2), is still able to hold heavy, strong hives, but has weight spread more evenly throughout. It offers convenience as you can hold more hives, but will carry more wear and tear as a result.

You should buy according to both your circumstances and expectations for the upcoming honey year.

beehives on stands

Height matters

If your hive stand is too high, you’ll need a step or ladder to reach the top chambers of your beehives. It may also become susceptible to wind damage.

If you get a hive stand that is too low, you’ll suffer back pain stooping down all the time and your hive may not be high enough away from the damp ground and vegetation.

Always get a hive stand that:

  • Is suited to your height. You should be able to work at the top boxes of your hive comfortably when standing.
  • Is comfortably off the ground
  • The entrance is away from vegetation, weeds or other obstructions.
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Some hive stands are flexible and allow you to raise and lower your hives according to your needs. These are especially useful if more than one beekeeper examines the hives, eg. a community apiary.

Beginner or Expert? Does it matter?

Some beekeeping products are aimed toward beginners and others more advanced beekeepers. 

With hive stands, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach – both beginners and experts use the same hive stands. For that reason, investing in the best stand will last the test of time and serve you well into the future.

Do the size of hive boxes matter?

Whilst the best hive stands are versatile with several stands and accessories, some may have specific requirements or measurements for where they can sit securely.

Make sure to compare your hive’s dimensions with that of the stand, and ensure it can be held snuggly and securely. Most hive stands advertise if they are suited to specific types, for eg 10-frame and 8-frame Langstroth hives, and more. 

This is the most commonly used type of hive box, where chambers are stacked vertically. Other hive stands are tailor-made towards flow hives, which tend to be smaller, compact and not as far off the ground.

Is it easy to assemble?

The best hive stands will be straightforward and easy to assemble. Most will come with everything you need, including nuts, bolts and washers and require little to no DIY skills to complete.

Many will only require screwdrivers to put together. But as always, ensure when buying your stand that you don’t need anything else to assemble it. This includes if your stand is untreated and requires paint/chemical sprays to protect it.

Additional security – tie-down straps

If your hives are placed in a wind-prone area or are high with multiple honey supers on top, you may want to consider some additional security. Tie-down straps are often used to anchor your hives to the hive stand and help secure them.

These ties are inexpensive add-ons, and like hive stands, are lifelong investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a hive stand?

Hive stands are useful for several reasons. Firstly, they give your bees an elevated, easy-to-access entrance. 

Hive stands regulate moisture and reduce dampness, eliminating fungi growing inside and disease spreading.

Hive stands also reduce predators and pests, including slugs, snails, mice and rats.

How high should a bee hive stand be?

There is no ideal height for a bee hive. Always consider one which fits your individual needs. Your hive stand should ensure hives are always at a comfortable reach. 

Not too high that you can’t reach the top; not too low that your back aches reaching downwards. As a rule of thumb, many beekeepers follow at least 16” off the ground so that you can reach everything from a standing position. 

This height also means hives are free from any stray vegetation and weeds.

What should I put under my bee hives?

Some beekeepers put trays/boards underneath to collect debris and examine for disease management such as Varroa mites.

At any rate, you must always try and keep the underneath of bee hives clear from vegetation and obstructions. Damp vegetation underneath can impede moisture control and make the inside of the hive clammy.

Some beekeepers may place mulch, chippings, plastic matting and other materials to eliminate weeds from growing underneath the hive.

Do I need to treat my hive stand?

Many metal hive stands will already be pretreated for a variety of ailments, including rust and rot. Wooden hive stands may need additional treatments to help preserve their quality, appearance and sturdiness.  

As with your hive boxes, only use treatments/paints which are non-toxic and have no harsh chemicals. Consult with your hive boxes’ instructions to see if it already has been treated.


There’s no point in buying an expensive bee hive if you aren’t going to protect them. For that reason, hive stands are an essential tool in a beekeeper’s arsenal and quite literally hold everything together. 

Hive stands make for lifelong investments in beekeeping; buying the best will ensure your hives are secure and safe, year after year.

As you know, hive stands come with many benefits for bees. They help eliminate predators and regulate moisture control. The best stands will also help eliminate fungi growing, and form part of your disease management against mites and moths.

Hive stands also help your bees by providing a comfortable entrance for them to access, even when weighed down by pollen during foraging.

Regardless of what type of hive box you’re using, there’s a hive stand for you. Big or small, heavy or light, stands are tailor-made to be flexible and at all times reliable. Many don’t even require any DIY skills to assemble, making them a convenient purchase for beginners with no carpentry skills.

With the best bee hive stands, you’ll help your colonies work better and keep them safer. This will have untold rewards to your hive health and honey yields this summer.

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