The 15 Best Bee Hives for Beekeeping

If you want a head start in beekeeping this season, you’ll need one simple thing – the best bee hive.

Bee hives are a lifelong investment. Made of high-quality woods, plastics and more, they will withstand the test of time, no matter the weather.

They are tailor-made to simplify everything you need to do, regardless of if you’re a beginner or an expert. From ventilation and temperature control to moisture and disease management, the best hive box will always compliment your plans and tools in tandem.

Many hives come with essential tools that help all stages of beekeeping, from hive splitting and queen marking, to honey production and more. And whilst bee hives come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, they all have one thing in common – they help elevate your work.

Simply put, the bee hive is a beekeeper’s secret weapon.

Whether you’re new to beekeeping or want to expand your apiary with another hive, we’ve carefully reviewed 15 of the best bee hives on the market.

15 of the Best Bee Hives to Buy

1. Hoover Hives 10-Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in Beeswax 

Hoover Hives 10-Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in Beeswax 

Hoover Hives are a depending brand within the beekeeping industry, and with good reason. Their hives are beautifully crafted with precision and bee care at their core.

This 10 frame Langstroth beehive is no exception. It is dipped in 100% beeswax, meaning it is already weather treated and thus, incredibly durable. Each hive has a natural, golden honey hue to it which can add a professional touch to any apiary.

Made of fir wood, each hive has a tighter knit grain flow to it, making it less likely to shrink, expand, warp or twist when wet.

This bee hive kit comes with two different types of foundations, which have been dipped in beeswax to encourage your hives to quickly accept their new home and start layering comb.

The first foundation is food-grade and made especially for brood frames (eggs). The second is a natural honey foundation, ideal for medium super-frames. The kit also includes a telescoping top cover, that has been capped with galvanized steel to resist rust and repel water.

Heat regulation is important in every hive. This beehive has a solid bottom board that helps reroute wind chill, keeping bees insulted during cold winter months, and the inner cover has a multipurpose oval opening cut out in the middle. 

Hoover Hives parts use dimensions that are industry standard and interchangeable with other Langstroth frame beehives. Lastly, this beehive comes with useful accessories, including a plastic queen excluder, entrance reducer, and nails.


  • 2 wax-coated deep brood boxes (16-1/4″ x 19-7/8″ x 9-5/8″)
  • High-quality dovetail pine frames
  • 30 food grade plastic foundations, coated with authentic beeswax
  • Telescoping top cover
  • Wax coated solid bottom board
  • Several accessories included

2. Insulated Bee Hive Set from Apimaye

Insulated Bee Hive Set from Apimaye

Whether you’re a beginner or professional beekeeper, this insulated beehive from Apimaye has several great features to help elevate your beekeeping.

Firstly, this beehive comes fully assembled and does not require any painting. The design of the hive means you can open and inspect easily, move or feed bees, fight diseases and more with little fuss.

Heat regulation is a core design feature. Because of its double-layer insulation, your hive can withstand extreme weather during cold winter months. It also helps prevents moisture buildup, and an active ventilation system resists fungus growth which is a common problem in wooden hives.

A screened bottom board with pollen top and drawer round helps this beehive fight troublesome diseases and pests such as Varroa mite and SHB.

Additionally, we love that this beehive comes with an entrance reducer, queen excluder, division board, frame spacers and a top feeder, which makes this hive especially valuable for fleshing out your beekeeping toolset.

This is a standard Langstroth hive, and whilst no frames are included, you can use your own wooden or plastic frames interchangeably. Lastly, to give you great peace of mind, these beehives are made of food-grade, UV-resistant plastic with anti-static additives.


  • Comes fully assembled and requires no painting/treatment
  • Double-layer insulation protects the hive during cold and hot weather
  • The screened bottom board helps fight diseases
  • Several accessories included
  • Made from UV-resistant plastic with anti-static additives

Things to consider:

  • Does not include any frames

3. Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive with 7 Flow Frames 

Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive with 7 Flow Frames

Helping to simplify the honey extraction process, this autoflow beehive from Golden Palace can easily find a home in any apiary thanks to its sleek, simple design and high finish.

The central feature of this hive is the honey extraction process. Flow frames allow the beekeeper to tap honey directly from the hive, straight into the jar.

The frames are all food-grade standards using FDA-certified plastics. With no BPA synthetics, the frames are bee-friendly and won’t affect the taste and texture of your honey.

We also find this beehive has impressive design features. For example, the outer wooden box is made of fir, which has a tight grain flow that resists shrinking, warping and twisting when wet.

This hive measures 55cm in length by 51cm breadth, making it an ideal starter hive for beginner beekeepers. It comes with a fully detachable top cover, and window panels make quick inspections incredibly straightforward.

Finally, whilst the wood may repel wet, it should be treated to give additional protection against extreme weather and molding.


  • Simplifies the honey extraction process
  • Design means quick inspections won’t disturb your bees
  • Frames made from food-grade, FDA-certified plastics
  • Firwood resists shrinking, warping and twisting from wet

Things to consider:

  • Assembly can be challenging
  • No frames in the brood box
  • May require additional treatments

4. Wax-Coated Bee Hive Set with 10-Frames and Foundation Sheet 

Wax-Coated Bee Hive Set with 10-Frames and Foundation Sheet 

This beehive kit from BeeCastle has everything you need to keep hives safe, secure and in great health throughout the year.

Firstly, the primary selling point of this beehive is its convenience. Hives are already wax-coated with a layer of natural wax, which protects the structure of the hive from extreme weather. No need to use toxic paint or additional treatments.

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This beehive comes with foundations that are also wax-coated, meaning your bees will quickly accept them in the hive and instinctively build a natural comb on them.

This hive boasts superior craftsmanship, thanks to the high-quality fir wood used in production. This type of wood makes joints fit tightly and securely together, resisting twisting and warping from wet conditions.

Furthermore, the wax-coated solid bottom board ensures your hive will stand strong and secure within your apiary and off from the ground. The hive comes with a bounty of accessories, including an entrance reducer, queen excluder and 20 premium pine wood frames.

The metal-capped telescoping top helps prevent rainwater from entering the hive. It also allows for easy access to the top box during hive inspections. 

Lastly, this hive arrives unassembled, however, all nails and instructions are supplied for a convenient, straightforward assembly.


  • Beeswax finish on hive and frames protects and promotes bee health
  • No paint or treatments to wood required
  • Nails required for assembly are included
  • Firwood resists shrinking, warping and twisting from wet
  • Several accessories included

5. Horizontal Bee Hive Kit

Horizontal Bee Hive Kit

If you’re looking to split colonies and experiment with a new kind of beehive, then look no further than this horizontal beehive from Calico Creek Millworks.

Firstly, a major selling point to using this horizontal-style beehive is that you can house 2 colonies at one time. It can hold an impressive 31 standard size-10 frames.

Together with lockage hinges and sturdy landing pads, bees are kept safe and secure throughout the year.

One of the signature accessories that come with this hive is the divider, an essential tool used when splitting colonies into 2. For this reason, we feel the hive is best suited for experienced, confident beekeepers, and not necessarily beginners.

Measurements of the hive are 48″ x 21″ x 18″, and it will accept standard accessories such as hive entrance reducers, feeders and more. The hive legs, landing pads, cover handle and box grips are all detachable for ease of shipping and transporting to your apiary.

Lastly, to leave a sweet aftertaste with every purchase, 10% of every sale is kindly donated to, which promotes bee sustainability around the world.


  • Can house 2 colonies
  • Can fit up to 31 standard-size 10 frames
  • Comes with a hive divider
  • Lockable cover and sturdy hinges

Things to consider:

  • Frames are not included
  • Requires some assembly
  • Aimed at experienced beekeepers

6. Bee Hive Complete with Frames & Wax Coated Foundations

Bee Hive Complete with Frames & Wax Coated Foundations

New to beekeeping? Want to invest but don’t know where to start? Then might we suggest taking a look at this extensive beehive kit from NuBee.

Firstly, let’s talk about the high-quality construction, which ensures your beehive will withstand the test of time. Both boxes and frames are made of firwood, which resists warping and twisting under wet conditions. Each has dovetailed joints for even greater durability.

This standard 8 frame setup comes with 2 deep hive bodies and 1 medium super-box (for honey production). Altogether, you’ll have a decent-sized colony that is more manageable and productive.

Bees will appreciate the 24 Celltech foundation frames, which are already coated in natural beeswax and promote comb-building. The kit includes 16 frames for your deep boxes and 8 frames for the supers.

We especially love the color of these frames, which will help every inspection you do and are particularly useful for beginners. The black, deep frames will contrast with eggs and allow you to spot grubs easily. 

Also included in the kit is an inner cover that prevents stray honeycomb from forming at the top of your hive. You’ll also get a bottom board, entrance reducer, queen excluder and a metal-capped telescoping top cover. Assembly of boxes and frames is required.


  • Appropriately sized for beginners and professionals alike
  • Beewax finish to boxes and frames improves hive health
  • Colored frames make checking for eggs easier
  • Firwood resists shrinking, warping and twisting from wet
  • Several accessories included

Things to consider:

  • Assembly required

7. Honey Keeper Bee hive with 20 Frames and with Metal Roof

Honey Keeper Bee hive with 20 Frames and with Metal Roof

Containing everything you need to build a Langstroth beehive, this kit from Honey Keeper promises superior quality for beginners and experts alike.

First, let’s talk about the hive itself. This kit comes with 20 frames, including 10 deep frames and 10 medium frames; this is the perfect setup no matter what level of beekeeping you are at, allowing you to nurture a colony and focus on honey production.

It has a galvanized metal-capped telescoping roof that repels water and keeps the hive secure and dry. The top can be removed easily for inspections or to install a top feeder.

The frames are built with premium white pine wood, which is a sturdy, durable material. Foundation is unwaxed but hexagonally shaped for your bee’s convenience. A solid bottom board, alongside an entrance reducer, inner cover and queen excluder also help expand your tool kit and are vital parts of honey production.

Lastly, this hive is incredibly easy to assemble, with pre-cut finger joints and heavy-duty nails included. It measures 23 inches in length, 19-3/4 inches in height to fit comfortably in gardens and apiaries alike.


  • Comes with 20 frames (10 deep, 10 medium-sized)
  • Galvanized, metal-capped telescoping roof
  • Several accessories included
  • White pine is a sturdy, durable and affordable material
  • Compact measurements make it an ideal hive for gardens and apiaries alike

Things to consider:

  • Assembly required

8. VIVOHOME 20-Frame Langstroth Honey Bee Hive Box with Metal Roof

VIVOHOME 20-Frame Langstroth Honey Bee Hive Box with Metal Roof

This Langstroth hive box from Vivo Home has everything you need to keep colonies safe, secure and thriving.

Firstly, this hive is made of a slightly different material than competitors and is something which could tip the balance for you choosing it. The cedarwood outer box construction is not only stylish but helps keep its structure throughout extreme weather. Food-grade plastic foundation topped with pinewood frames offers a safe, healthy way for bees to store honey in.

The honeycomb foundation is designed with dovetail joints for easy installation before use. A pre-assembled waterproof metal top cover also helps keep elements out and the inside of your hives dry.

All boards in this hive are already prepared and sanded for safe use. The inner boards have a vented design to improve airflow throughout your hive without reducing temperature. The detachable bottom board has an entrance reducer, which can be easily cleaned.

Each box holds 10 standard frames and foundations, which provides ample space for your bees to expand and produce honey. The kit comes with additional accessories including a queen excluder and inner cover to help flesh out your toolset.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The metal-capped roof is UV-resistant
  • Cedarwood is a nice alternative to fir wood boxes
  • Advanced ventilation system to boards
  • Boards come pre-sanded and ready to use and are easy to detach

9. 10-Frame Assembled & Painted Bee Hive Kit

10-Frame Assembled & Painted Bee Hive Kit

An ideal beginner bee hive, this 10-frame kit from Mann Lake has everything you need to start and continue a successful year of beekeeping.

As a Langstroth-style hive, this kit includes one 10-frame, fully assembled hive box, which comes already painted. You have everything you need to transfer a new colony inside.

Measuring 22”x18”x13”, it’s an ideal size for a beginner beekeeper to learn the ropes of taking care of their first hive. The kit includes 10 9-1/8” assembled wood frames with yellow waxed RiteCell foundation, that will bees a great head-start on building comb.

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The bottom board is solid and has an entrance reducer to help manage the hive during the different seasons. The hive comes with a telescoping cover that keeps wet and water out from the hive and secures it. You can easily install a top feeder, too.


  • Everything comes painted and assembled
  • Perfectly sized for entry-beekeeping
  • RiteCell foundation encourages natural comb building
  • Solid bottom board
  • Telescoping cover repels water

Things to consider:

  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories

10. Starter Bee Hive Complete with Frames and Foundations

Starter Bee  Hive Complete with Frames and Foundations

If you’re just starting beekeeping, and want a bee hive that comes with everything you need at a manageable size, this starter set from Busy-Bees’s N-More is perfect.

It comes with 1 deep brood box and 1 medium honey super, allowing a small hive to flourish throughout the year and giving you an opportune time to learn.

When you’re ready to expand your hive, you can take lots of parts with you. All 10 frames have universally standard dimensions, which can fit into standard hive boxes at a later date.

The kit comes with a telescoping top cover which is capped with white aluminum. This material is a lot lighter than other models, so it’s important to place a heavyweight on top to prevent it from blowing off.

Also included are an inner cover, plastic queen excluder and 10 natural honey-colored, and 10 black, CellTech foundation frames. These are 100% wax coated and are textured with hexagons to promote the quick building of comb by your bees. The black frames in particular are incredibly useful to spot laid eggs in the brood box.

Lastly, this hive kit includes a screen bottom board and entrance reducer. It does require some assembly, but with clear instructions and manageable dimensions, you can get to work with your colony quickly and easily.


  • Ideal for a beginner beekeeper
  • Telescoping top cover
  • Comes with 10 honey-colored and 10 black Cellech foundation frames
  • Several accessories included

Things to consider:

  • Lightweight – add a heavy object on top to prevent wind from blowing over.

11. NuBee Starter 10-Frame Bee hive Kit with Wax Coated Foundations

NuBee Starter 10-Frame Bee hive Kit with Wax Coated Foundations

This Langstroth bee hive is a favorite among beginners and experts alike, thanks to its practical design and versatile accessories.

Firstly, this bee kit comes with 2 deep hive bodies and 1 medium super box. This is perfect for building up your confidence with your colony, whilst still giving them ample room to grow.

The boxes are made of fir wood, which has a tough grain set to it that resists warping or twisting when wet. They also feature dovetail joints for easy assembly.

Included are 20 high-quality dovetail pine brood frames, and 10 superframes. These frames are all made of food-grade plastic foundations, which are coated with real beeswax. This gives your hive a head-start on building a natural comb.

The hive has a metal-capped telescoping top cover and inner cover, along with a solid wood bottom board. Altogether, this gives great security to the hive and prevents it from tipping over or letting rainwater inside.

Lastly, this kit comes with a plastic queen excluder which is a vital tool for honey production.


  • Ideal for a beginner beekeeper
  • Comes with 20 high-quality pine frames
  • Metal-capped telescoping top cover
  • A solid bottom board improves sturdiness
  • Some accessories are included

12. Ware Manufacturing’s Natural Bee Hie Setup Kit

Ware Manufacturing’s Natural Bee Hie Setup Kit

Promising high-quality with a signature design, this bee hive kit from Ware Manufacturing is a reasonable 

A peaked roof design sheds rainwater effectively, keeping the hive dry and safe from extreme weather conditions. The boxes are made of solid cedar wood, which requires less maintenance and assembly than competitor boxes.

We think you’ll agree, the signature features of this hive are the 2 windows on either side. These windows allow you to view the hive without disturbing them, which is an ideal addition for any curious newcomer who wants to check hive health without wanting to disturb them all the time.

The white-washed stain finish helps keep wood intact and firm, extending the lifespan of the boxes indefinitely. The hive also boasts an easy-to-use ventilation control system through its screen-in base and sliding door. You can keep the hive cool in summer, and warmer in winter.

An interesting feature you won’t see in many hive boxes is the insulated quilt box, which creates a breathable barrier made of cloth, straw or wood chips to improve heat regulation.

Finally, this hive kit follows the standard size of traditional Langstroth hives, meaning when the time is right to expand your colony, you can simply add another brood chamber on top.


  • White-washed stain on cedar wood provides treatment and protection
  • Insulated quilt-box improves insulation
  • Peak roof design repels water and keeps boxes dry
  • Easy-to-use ventilation system with screen-in base and sliding door

Things to consider:

  • No accessories included

13. 2-Layered Thermo Plastic Insulated Bee Hive 

2-Layered Thermo Plastic Insulated Bee Hive 

If you’re looking for a well-made bee hive with pops of color, this insulated Langstroth-style bee hive will fit the bill. 

Designed to take all sorts of bee biology and behavior into consideration, these hives can help you manage a small hive with 1 brood box and 1 super box included.

First, the most obvious detail of these boxes is that they’re made of plastic. But this plastic is both food-grade and UV-resistant, making them durable and long-lasting. The plastic is also impact-proof, which will protect hives inside from extreme wind.

A signature selling point of these hives is the double layer insulation, which helps keep the colony warmer in winter and cooler in summer versus traditional hives.

The hives are easy to open and inspect, move, carry and you can install additional accessories such as feeders easily. The hives also make for effective disease control against Varroa mites and beetles.

Also included in this set is a top cover, inner cover feeder and frame limiter. You’ll also get a queen excluder, division board and entrance reducers. No frames are included.


  • Made of impact-proof, UV resistant plastic
  • Easy to carry, move and open up
  • Several accessories are included
  • Comes with 1 deep brood box and 1 super box – ideal for beginners
  • Stylish design

Things to consider:

  • No frames are included
  • Assembly required

14. WINGOFFLY Bee Hive House with 5 Layers

WINGOFFLY Bee Hive House with 5 Layers

Reserved for more experienced beekeepers, this uniquely designed bee box from Wingoffly has the potential to become a signature piece in your apiary.

One of the key advantages of this hive box is its shape. Because of it’s barrel-shape, there is no space wasted. This helps bees keep warmer in the wintertime as they can clump together. The barrel shape also helps them defend their hive better against common pests such as nest worms and wax moths.

The barrel shape also encourages bees to create a high, narrow-shaped honeycomb. This can be easily cut off take honey, with no damage to the lower layers of the comb.

Because this hive box does not follow a traditional shape, you may be wondering how well it is made? Made of high-quality cedarwood, this hive both has anti-corrosive properties and keeps its shape throughout the year.

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The wood is dry-treated which means it won’t crack or deform easily. It has over 5 layers and its steel bands and buckles are all made of stainless steel. It comes with its lid, hive guide plate, 1 base plate and a bee cage used to divide your colony.


  • Barrel design has benefits to bees instincts
  • Made of high-quality wood and fittings are all stainless steel
  • Artistic-like design

Things to consider:

  • Not practical for beginners – does not follow traditional hive mechanics
  • Challenging assembly

15. ZJDU Cedarwood Bee Hive with Super and Brood Box

ZJDU Cedarwood Bee Hive with Super and Brood Box

This flow hive from ZJDU is a nice alternative for beginner beekeepers wanting to experiment with new ways of hive maintenance and honey extraction.

The box size of 65x43x23cm is an ideal size for your first colony. It holds up to 7 frames (which are included) and accepts superframes from other kits too. The frames are made of food-grade, BPA-free plastic and have partly formed honeycomb indents to promote bees using them quickly.

The flow hive is made of fir wood which resists warping or twisting when wet. The wood has also got anti-corrosive properties and is already lacquered, which means it will last an incredibly long time in even the most extreme weather conditions.

The extraction process is one of the key reasons for choosing this flow hive. It makes taking honey from the hive gentle and easy. The clear end-frame view allows you to see when honey is ready without ever having to open the hive and distress workers.

We also love that the comb walls are thick enough to allow any trapped bee to safely exit when honey is being removed. 

Finally, the kit comes with an accessories kit and detailed user manual which teaches you how to assemble the hive and most importantly, use it to the best of its ability!


  • Made of high-quality materials, including fir wood with food-grade, BPA-free plastic
  • Already lacquered
  • Frames have partially made honeycomb indents to help bees work quickly
  • Easy to assemble and comes with an informative user manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get bee hives?

You can buy bee hives from any respected beekeeper. 

Choose a breeder who has a track record of selling healthy, hard-working queens. Contact your local club or association to be connected.

Man treating bees in beehive

How do you treat bee hives?

Painting your hive boxes gives the wood an additional layer of protection. Always use non-toxic paint. Another method of treating bee hives is by using wood oils, which protect wood finishes from weather and cracking.

Can I buy a bee hive?

Yes. When buying a bee hive, ensure you are getting both (a) a queen, preferably in a queen cage, and (b) a selection of healthy worker bees.

What is the best bee hive to buy?

This ultimately depends on your skill level. Beginner beekeepers should consider a small hive that has one brood chamber and super.

How much does it cost to buy a hive of bees?

A single hive of bees will cost in or around $150-$200.

How long do honey bee hives last?

With proper care and management, honeybee hives can last indefinitely. Although the lifespan of a queen bee is 2 years, you can breed a new one to prolong the hive.

Are flow hives bad for bees?

Flow hives allow you to harvest honey without opening the hive. This results in less distress and annoyance to bees, and fewer causalities.

How does a horizontal bee hive work?

A horizontal hive gives bees access to the entire hive chamber, at all times. Whilst design and sizes vary, they generally use a variety of traditionally sized frames within.

Beehive in garden

Bee Hive Buying Guide

With so many different kinds, types and makes of beehives, it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is the best for you.

Here are some things to consider when making your choice:

Type of hive

Always pick a hive you can manage and know how it works. There are 3 main types to choose from:

  • Vertical hives (Langstroth) are traditional-looking hives that stack like boxes. These are the most popular and common types of hive.
  • Flow hives allow you to harvest honey without opening the hive and come with windows to view the inside.
  • Top bar hives or horizontal hives are long chamber-like hives that give bees full access to the entire space.

Type of boxes

Two main box types make up a hive.

Brood boxes are the bigger boxes that make up a hive. These chamber-like spaces hold bigger frames, where the queen bee lays her eggs.

Honey supers are smaller and found on top. Bees store their honey here.

queen excluder is placed between brood boxes and honey supers to prevent the queen from traveling to the honey frames and laying eggs.

As a rule of thumb, every hive comes with at least 1 brood box and honey super. In time, you can of course add additional boxes to react to your hive’s condition. 

If you want to grow worker numbers, prioritize brood boxes. If honey yield is expected to be big, add honey supers.

Materials used

Fir is the most common wood used to construct bee hives, because it has a hardy, tight-knit grain which resists warping, shrinking, or breaking when wet.

Pine is often used for frames because it is lightweight, sturdy but also easy to slot together.

Some hives can be made of plastic, including parts of flow hives. Always ensure the plastic is treated, has UV resistance and does not contain toxic chemicals which can harm bees or affect the honey taste.

Moisture control

Bee hives near sun flowers and levanders

Bee hives are fickle places when the temperature is concerned. During the summer, they can become very hot places inside. And during the winter, you need to ensure bees are insulated or they’ll freeze.

Ensure your hive has adequate moisture control, including insulated tops and ventilation.

Waxed? Shaped?

Many hives and their frames come coated in natural wax. Why? This wax helps encourage bees to build a comb on them. Some beekeepers prefer unwaxed foundations, so they can add their mixture of wax on.

Many plastic foundations also use hexagonal indents to promote bees building comb.

Skill level

It’s important to buy a beehive that matches your skill level. If you are only starting with a nuc/baby hive, it’s advisable to start small and manage it accordingly.

If you’re confident and have a strong colony you want to upgrade to, pick a beehive that has bigger scope, comes with more brood boxes and supers.

Assembled or Unassembled?

Always ensure your DIY skills are up to the mark when choosing what hive to go for.

Some hives and frames come ready to use from the box and require no effort to put together. Others, however, may need some assembling. Usually, bee hives and frames are simple to put together, featuring dovetail joints that slot in and stay securely together. They also include all the nails you’ll need.

Sometimes, however, especially if the hive is an unusual shape or style, putting it together can take some effort. 

Red bee hive with bees


Beekeeping requires an extensive array of different tools. The best bee hives will come with several accessories to help flesh out your toolset. 

These may include queen excluders, entrance reducers, top feeders and more. 

What does your club use?

If you’re a member of a beekeeping club, you should buy similar types of bee hives that you’ve already used.

This allows you to practice, apply your skills and manage your hive independently. For example, if you’re used to Langstroth hives, consider staying with this type.

Remember, you can always transfer colonies from one hive to another at a later date when your skills improve. But initially, keep things simple, straightforward and familiar.


Bee hives are an essential part of the beekeeping process, and investing properly will ensure your success throughout the years.

With the best beehive, every aspect of your beekeeping will improve. From hive inspections to keeping colonies safe and secure, to disease management and more.

Some hives even go as far as simplifying the honey extraction process. Others allow you to manage the hive without causing distress, improving work stocks and general health. 

The best bee hives will always be easy to maintain and protect. A simply lick of paint or wood oil can help preserve their structures indefinitely. Remember, invest in the core makeup of the bee hive – you can always add brood boxes and supers in tandem with the growth of your colony.

The best bee hive will help elevate your beekeeping to new heights. They make for a lifelong investment that can serve several of your hives in the future. They give you peace of mind, that your entire colony is in safe, secure hands.

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