The 10 Best Bee Hive Kits to Save Your Time and Money

Beekeeping is one of the noblest, most rewarding hobbies you can do. But one of the biggest barriers that stop people in their tracks from pursuing it, is figuring out what equipment you need to buy. The solution? The best bee hive kits!

Honey bee hive kits are tailor-made to solve all your beginner beekeeping problems in one definitive value pack, saving you time, energy and money! No need to know the ins and outs of beekeeping and figure out what you will need, as these kits will cover it all!

From bee smokers, frames, and hive tools to protective gloves and veils, to the hive boxes themselves, these kits form a massive investment that you can make early in your beekeeping career. And what’s best, you’ll continue to reap the benefits and use them year on year without fail.

Some of the best hive kits also include educational books, DVDs, and resources that can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to excel at beekeeping. From learning new techniques, hive management, to making money and more, you’ll soon be able to look after a new hive and turn a hobby into a business very quickly.

But to get the head-start you need in beekeeping, you need to pick wisely. 

For that reason, we’ve carefully reviewed the best bee hive kits on the market to help you make the best decision!

The 10 Best Honey Bee Hive Kits Reviewed

1. Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit, Completely Assembled, Painted 

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit, Completely Assembled, Painted

Looking for a complete bee hive kit that’s perfect for beginners? One which includes everything you need to support your new hives? Then this starter kit from Mann Lake comes highly recommended.

This starter kit will save you time, energy, and money by including several essential tools altogether. Firstly, let’s talk about the hive box. It holds 10 frames which is the most common size on the market and ensures you’ll be able to use it year on year.

Inside, you’ll find ten wooden frames (9-1/8”) which are all assembled and require no DIY skills to use. The frames are painted yellow and equipped with RiteCell foundation, which helps your bees accept the frames and draw them out quickly. 

The painted bottom board will improve your hive’s ventilation, and help keep it above the damp ground and free from any vegetation. You’ll also receive an entrance reducer that can protect your hive from pests, whilst a painted telescoping cover ensures the hive is kept dry and protected all year round.

Several accessories and tools are included with this kit and are sure to flesh out your beekeeping arsenal in one swoop. We especially love the high-quality leather gloves included, which means your hands remain sting proof throughout your beekeeping, and an Alexander bee veil that protects one of the most vulnerable parts of your body – the face.

Additionally, you’ll get a bee smoker with a fireguard to help during your hive inspections, and a hive tool that is used countless times to spate frames and open hive boxes.

Lastly, you’re also going to get an informative beekeeping book ‘Starting Right with Bees’, which gives great tips and advice aimed at beginners.


  • Fully assembled starter kit
  • 10- frame bee hive box with frames and foundation included
  • Includes several accessories including smoker, hive tool, veil, and gloves.
  • ‘Starting Right with Bees’ book included

2. Fully Assembled Garden Hive Bee Hive Starter Kit with Beekeeping Supplies 

Fully Assembled Garden Hive Bee Hive Starter Kit with Beekeeping Supplies

With a beautiful copper top and fine cedar finish, this bee hive starter kit is an ideal entry point for any beginning beekeeper who wants to invest in their craft without breaking the bank.

This hive box holds 8 frames and so is ideal for a beginner beekeeper with a small hive. It contains all the essentials you’ll need to get started, and most importantly arrives fully assembled!

The box itself is made from high-quality wood and has grooved handles on the sides for easy lifting. Frames arrive fully assembled and are each set with a plastic cell foundation which helps promote your bees to draw comb from.

The hive itself is finished with a strong, durable copper garden top cover, which provides extra durability and ensures your hive remains dry underneath. The color scheme makes this starter kit an easy choice for any garden setup.

Now let’s talk about the extras included. A solid bottom board alongside a cedar hive stand to ensure your hive is always well ventilated and off from the damp ground.

All the basic tools are covered, including a hive tool, an Alexander-style bee veil, and a high-quality pair of canvas gloves. A stainless steel smoker is also included, though please note it doesn’t feature a heat shield or hanger.

One thing that does set this kit apart from competitors is the inclusion of smoker fuel, which ensures you’ll be able to light and maintain a steady stream of smoke from the get-go.

Finally, this starter kit includes a handy guide book, ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’, to help you learn some of the basics.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Includes an 8 frame bee hive box with frames and plastic foundation
  • Includes several essential beekeeping tools
  • ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ book is included

Things to consider:

  • The smoker does not have a heat shield or hanger
  • Frames are not pre-waxed

3. Little Giant 10-Frame Deluxe Beginner Hive Kit Premium Beekeeping Starter Kit for Beginners

Little Giant 10-Frame Deluxe Beginner Hive Kit Premium Beekeeping Starter Kit for Beginners

If you’re new to beekeeping and want to make a solid investment that will serve you well into your career, we highly recommend this bee hive starter kit from Little Giant Store.

One of our favorite things about this kit is that it arrives ready to use – no DIY skills are necessary as the hive box comes pre-assembled! 

Now let’s talk about the set itself. It features a 10-frame hive box, which is one of the most common sizes on the market; you can use it with other brands and purchases in the future. Measuring a neat L 21.875” x W 18.25” x H 14”, it can easily find a home in both an apiary or garden corner. 

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10 natural wooden frames are included, each of which is pre-coated in beeswax. This nice touch means your hive of bees will accept the frames quickly and draw them out. 

The kit features an impressive telescoping outer cover, that provides maximum security for your hives, and a screened bottom board helps keep it elevated from the ground.

Don’t be offended by the name, but one of the highlights of this kit is the book Beekeeping for Dummies, which is a highly respected text for any beginner to read. 

The set also includes an entrance reducer and mite grid to help flesh out an otherwise very impressive kit. We also love that a pair of high-quality gloves and veil are included, making you virtually sting-proof! 

Finally, a well-designed smoker comes complete with a heat shield, hanger, and smoke fuel for maximum convenience, alongside a bee brush, hive tool, frame feeder.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • 10-framed Langstroth hive box, which is the most commonly used setup
  • Frames are already assembled and pre-coated with beeswax
  • Includes several essential beekeeping tools
  • Includes an in-depth, well-respected beekeeping book ‘Beekeeping for Dummies’

4. Amish Made Complete Langstroth Starter Beehive – The Starter Kit with Frames and Accessories

Amish Made Complete Langstroth Starter Beehive - The Starter Kit with Frames and Accessories

With several high-quality accessories, start your beekeeping journey off the right way, with this complete bee hive starter kit from Busy Bees ‘N’ more.

The signature selling point of this complete hive kit is that it puts your comfort and protection at the forefront. Included are sheepskin leather gloves which are comfortable to wear and protect your hands from stings. 

This kit features a comfortable, protective jacket that guards you against stings. It’s lightweight too, meaning you can move freely all the while. We also love the veil which is also included, ensuring the most vulnerable parts of your body are always safe. The veil is specially reinforced to prevent collapse, and won’t stick to your face during inspections.

The hive box and frames of this set are very impressive. As a 10-frame Langstroth model, you’ll be able to use the hive box with a multitude of other brands and future purchases. 

5 Celltech deep brood frames are included, with a food-grade black plastic foundation central to their design. The black color helps beekeepers keep track of eggs and debris in cells easily. Not only that, the foundation is pre dipped in 100% beeswax, ensuring your bees draw them out quickly. 

The hive box has an impressive white aluminum inner cover with a mason jar-sized feeder hole. This makes feeding your hive incredibly straightforward, where you can put syrup in the feeder without disturbing the hive. And the lightweight aluminum means you can lift the box with ease.

Finally, rest assured all vital accessories are included with this kit. Everything from a curved hive tool, to a smoker with a heat guard and hanger, as well as an entrance reducer will all help flesh out your beekeeping kit in an instance.


  • Comes with a protective jacket and reinforced veil for optimal protection
  • Preassembled box and frames
  • Black foundation for easy egg spotting
  • Elbow-length leather gloves
  • White aluminum inner cover and mason jar-sized feeder
  • Includes several essential beekeeping tools

5. King Showden 7Pcs Auto Beehive Frame Comb

King Showden 7Pcs Auto Beehive Frame Comb

If you’re interested in flow hives and want to extract honey without investing hugely in equipment, then we highly recommend this flow hive from King Showden.

Flow hives are specially designed for easy access to harvest honey and cause little disruption to the worker bees all the while. 

Flow hives can be a great fit for beginner beekeepers who are interested in monetizing their beekeeping early with honey production. Perhaps the best value to buying this flow hive is that you won’t need to buy or rent expensive honey extraction or processing equipment. 

Honey extracting aside, this is a sturdy, well-made hive box that will protect and safeguard your hives. Made of pinewood which resists decay, the box itself will last you year on year. We especially love that it’s coated with high-temperature boiled wax, ensuring it’s waterproof and weather resistant.

The hive features a clear end-frame view where you can see your bees at work without distressing them. This can also see when honey is ready!

Included in the purchase are 7 auto honey frames, 7 honey tubes, a metal key, and a filter, along with a beekeeping jacket, high-quality sheepskin sleeve gloves, and a steep hive tool.


  • Perfect for beginners interested in flow hives
  • Eliminates need to buy honey extraction equipment
  • Includes several essential beekeeping tools
  • Includes a beekeeping jacket and sheepskin sleeve gloves

Things to consider:

  • As a flow hive, will not be compatible with Langstroth hive boxes

6. Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in 100% Beeswax Starter Kit

Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in 100% Beeswax Starter Kit

Hoover Hives is a brand with a magnificent reputation for creating high-quality beekeeping equipment. This honey bee starter kit is no exception.

Firstly, the hive box features precise dovetail joints which ensure a tight and secure hold. This kit is built to be indestructible. The wood used is fir, making it extra durable and water-resistant. It will be able to withstand any extreme weather with ease.

This kit contains 1 deep brood box, which is the perfect size for you to start with. In time, you can always expand. The box has already been pre-dipped in 100% beeswax, meaning your hive will accept it quickly. It also gives you peace of mind that no harsh chemicals have been used in its manufacturing.

With this starter kit, you’ll also get 5 CellTech deep brood frames, which are colored black, making it easier to spot eggs and debris in cells, which is especially useful for beginner beekeepers.

Like many kits, you’ll also get a plethora of beekeeping tools and accessories with this purchase. We especially like the leather gloves, bee jacket, and reinforced veil that provide unparallel protection from stings. 

You’ll also get a hive tool, a smoker with a heat guard, and an entrance reducer to help flesh out your beekeeping arsenal. And because the hive box is a typical 10-frame Langstroth, it can easily be used in conjunction with future purchases.


  • 10-framed Langstroth hive box, which is the most commonly used setup
  • Predipped in 100% natural beeswax
  • Precise dovetail joints ensure the hive box is secure
  • Firwood resists water and weather
  • Black foundation for easy egg spotting
  • Includes a beekeeping jacket and leather gloves

7. Fully Assembled Gold Standard Bee Hive Starter Kit 

Fully Assembled Gold Standard Bee Hive Starter Kit

Start your beekeeping journey the right way, with this fully assembled bee hive starter kit, equipped with everything you need in terms of tools, equipment, and peace of mind.

The signature selling point of this hive set is the two deep brood chambers, giving you and your hive enormous space to learn, work and grow. As a 10-frame bee hive, the hive boxes can easily fit with current and future apiary setups with ease. Additionally, you’ll also be given a honey super, allowing you to slowly begin producing honey this year. 

Hives are made of toughened wood and comes already painted with a neutral color. You’ll be given all the ingredients to begin, including frames with a plastic cell foundation.

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All the while you’ll be protected by an Alexander-style bee veil, ventilated leather gloves, a bee smoker, and fuel. To flesh out your toolset, you’ll also receive staple beekeeping tools such as the hive tool, a bee brush, and an entrance excluder. 

A plastic queen excluder, together with an entrance reducer round up an impressive array of equipment and will help you manage your hive effectively throughout the year.ll seriously help you with hive management, whilst 

Finally, to sweeten the deal even further, you’ll also receive a copy of the well-respected beekeeping book ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ to supplement learning.


  • Comes with two brood chambers and a honey super
  • Hive set arrives fully assembled
  • Frames included
  • Includes a beekeeping veil and leather gloves
  • ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ book is included

Things to consider:

  • Hive smoker does not have a heat guard or hanger

8. Deluxe Beehive 8-Frame Starter Kit

Deluxe Beehive 8-Frame Starter Kit

One of the easiest ways to start beekeeping is by investing in this complete beginner set from BuildaBeehive.

This set includes everything you’ll need from the get-go. The most impressive part is undoubtedly the two honey supers, which ensures you’ll have plenty of room to grow a small hive throughout the year and harvest a bounty of honey, too. 

These boxes are compatible with mainstream 8-frame Langstroth hives, making them a great investment for future equipment. You’ll also get one bottom board which helps with ventilation and keeps your hive off the ground. 

Additionally, a telescoping metal cover secures your hive and ensures it remains dry all year round, whilst a reversible entrance reducer will help you during the summer months, keeping pests out.

Now let’s talk about the key tools. You’ll get a standard hive tool with this starter kit. The smoker, whilst welcomed, does not have a heat guard or hanger, which may reduce how long you can use it. That said, it does include smoker fuel which we think you’ll agree is a nice touch. An impressive bee veil and sting-resistant gloves round off the last of the kit, and both will give you great peace of mind when inspecting hives.

Lastly, this kit arrives unassembled though has straightforward instructions and will require basic carpentry skills. A complimentary book ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ is included to help you learn the basics quickly!


  • Comes with two hive boxes
  • High-quality, attractive finish
  • ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ book is included
  • Includes a beekeeping veil and leather gloves

Things to consider:

  • Arrives unassembled. Basic carpentry skills required.
  • Hive smoker does not have a heat guard or hanger

9. Harvest Lane Honey Beginner Beekeeper Kit

Harvest Lane Honey Beginner Beekeeper Kit

If you’re on the hunt for a starter bee hive kit that’s easy to use and includes a variety of useful tools, then this beginner’s bundle from Harvest Lane Honey may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t be fooled by its simple, modest appearance, as with this purchase you’ll get everything you need to start beekeeping. 

Firstly, it includes one 10-frame Langstroth brood box and 10 frames with foundation, which is an ideal size for any newbie, to begin with. Because it uses a common hive type, you can easily expand in the future when you’re more confident.

Additionally, you’ll get a strong, durable hive tool and bee brush, as well as a smoker with a heat guard and hanger. We also think you’ll like the smoker pellets, which make lighting and maintaining your smoker very easy. 

The brood box comes with an inner cover, that helps keep the hive dry and secure. It’s lightweight too, meaning it’s easy to remove and place back on during hive inspections.

It also comes with a solid bottom board that will help elevate your hive, freeing it from weeds and keeping the hive off the damp, cold ground to prevent mold.

That said, there is no protective gear included in this purchase, which is unfortunate considering how vitally important they are. There are no beginner books either.


  • Includes 10 frames and foundation
  • Includes several beekeeping tools such as hive tool, bee brush, smoker, and pellets
  • Tools are made of high-quality material and built to last

Things to consider:

  • Plastic foundation in frames
  • No protective gear or book included

10. Legacy DIY Beehive Starter Kit

Legacy DIY Beehive Starter Kit

Experience beekeeping at its best with this all-inclusive bee hive starter kit from Legacy.

Convenience is central to this hive starter kit. It comes fully assembled and ready to use from the box, so will suit beekeepers lacking in carpentry or DIY skills.

Now let’s talk about what it can offer you long-term, in terms of beekeeping supplies. First, the starter kit includes 1 brood box which has already been painted. It will suit any 10-frame Langstroth, making it a worthwhile investment to make.

Included also, is a high-quality smoker with a heat guard and hanger. You’ll also get sting-proof gloves and a bee brush to make inspecting hives manageable and safe. We also think the entrance feeder is a nice touch, allowing you to feed your bees easily without disturbing them.

Furthermore, we like that the starter kit comes with an impressive veil that protects your entire head and neck. The 360-degree frame ensures you have visuals on every area of your hive, at all times.

One of the selling points of this kit, in particular, is the included educational DVD and printed handouts, which will help you learn the basics of beekeeping in a fun, informative way. Also included is the signature ‘First Lessons in Beekeeping’ book.

This set comes fully assembled and ready to use from the box, so will suit beekeepers lacking in carpentry or DIY skills.


  • Comes with n educational beekeeping DVD and book
  • Includes a high-quality veil that gives a 360-degree viewpoint
  • Includes several essential beekeeping tools
Man inspecting bee hive frame with bees

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bee hives should I start with?

As a beginner, it’s important to start small and only match the number of hives to your skill and comfort level. 

Ideally, you should have two hives so that you can both learn and compare from them. In time you can manage more hives, catch wild swarms and expand your apiary.

When should you start a bee hive?

Springtime is the best time to start with a new hive because your colony will be building itself up for the year ahead. You’ll be able to examine and monitor brood (eggs) and learn about queen mating, queen excluding, and honey production. 

Always remember that with new hives, you may need to provide additional food for them post-winter.

How much does it cost to buy a hive of bees?

A new hive may cost anywhere from $100 to $150. Mated queens will typically fetch a higher price because they have everything they need to begin laying. 

What is the best bee hive for beginners?

Langstroth is the most commonly used hive box on the market and is the perfect model for beginners to learn beekeeping with. Its vertical setup is easy to follow, with brood boxes for eggs on the bottom, and smaller honey supers placed on the top.

Some beginners might prefer choosing a flow hive because it’s specially designed to simplify honey extraction. 

The only caveat to flow hives is that they may be harder for you to learn general beekeeping from.

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Although it’s best to consult your local ordinances, in most places it is perfectly legal to keep bees at home. Always ensure you have appropriate insurance cover.

What do I need to start a bee hive?

Whilst there are many tools needed in beekeeping, you will need some essentials first, including:

  • A healthy hive of bees,
  • A bee hive box
  • A bee smoker, hive tool, and bee suit.

How much honey do you get from 1 hive?

A lot of factors will impact how much honey you will yield per hive, per season. You must take into account:

  • Availability of foraging
  • Weather conditions
  • Time of year
  • A healthy queen

That said, the typical honey yield of a hive would be in the area of 60 lbs.

colorful bee hives

Bee Hive Kit Buying Guide

To get a head start in beekeeping, you need the best tools and accessories. A bee hive starter kit will have everything you need.

But there’s a lot of variety with what’s included in these kits. With that in mind, here are some tips we think will help you make the best choice.

Tools & Accessories

The bread and butter of any bee hive starter kit are what tools are included and their quality. Let’s talk about the essentials you will need. 

Hive tool – From opening the hives up, to separating and lifting frames out, hive tools are one of the most common and most used pieces of equipment in a beekeeper’s arsenal. Stainless steel hive tools work best as these will resist rust and corrosion, as well as being easy to keep clean and sterile.

Bee smoker – A smoker helps keep your bees calm and most importantly, will keep you stingless. The best smokers will be made of stainless steel and should come with a heat guard to protect you and your suit from extreme temperatures. 

They should also have a convenient hook so that you can hang the smoker at close range when not in use. Some sets will include smoker fuel, which is a nice bonus but generally not essential. 

Hive box accessories – Certain starter kits may come with additional accessories that help your hive box work more effectively. These may include bottom boards and hive stands, both of which can help with ventilation, as well as top feeders, entrance reducers, mite guards, and more.

beekeeper waring protective clothing

Protective clothing 

You need appropriate clothing to keep you safe. Whilst a full-body bee suit gives you the ultimate defense, starter kits usually include smaller, individual pieces to help.

Bee veil – the most common of these will be a bee veil, which protects the most vulnerable part of your body. The best veils will be self-supporting, meaning they stay upright all the time and won’t clump down and gather on your face.

Bee gloves – gloves made of leather or canvas work best, because they sting proof and still allow you great freedom to move in. Gloves should cover from fingers to elbow and ideally be comfortable and flexible to move in.

Assembled vs Unassembled

Beekeeping is all about precision, and hive kits come in two categories – fully assembled, and unassembled. If you fancy yourself as a DIY/carpentry expert, then assembling hive boxes, frames, and other accessories shouldn’t be too taxing. 

The best kits will all have clear instructions. However, some beginners prefer not to take any risks and want hives that arrive ready to go. If you’d prefer not to take any chances, choose a kit that arrives fully assembled.


Wood is the most common material used in beekeeping. And because hive boxes will be outside and be exposed to wind, rain, frost, and sunlight, you must equip them with resistance and protection.

Many hive boxes will already come pretreated and pre-painted. Ensure chemicals used are bee-safe it’s important to invest in high-quality wood and to treat it to extend its life.

Bee hive in mountains


Frames give your bees a blueprint to work from. They can help store anything from brood (eggs) to pollen, honey, and more. For that reason, they are an incredibly important part of a starter hive kit, and you must invest in the best.

Frames pre-coated in beeswax are your best buy, as these will be quickly accepted by worker bees. Many frames have hexagonal imprints to further help workers build accurately.

Black-colored frames are especially useful for beginner beekeepers, because they contrast with white eggs, making them easier to spot during inspections.

Which bee hives should you pick?

Especially for beginners, it’s important that when you’re buying a bee hive starter kit, the hive box is suitable to learn from and use well into the future.

There are several different hive types, all of which have unique benefits.

Langstroth bee hives are the most commonly used setup. They use standard sizes (8 frames and 10 frames), making it easy to share equipment between hives. Langstroth hives are designed to maximize hive productivity, allowing you to extract honey without disturbing the main hive.

And being the most commonly used hive box, there are ample resources online on how best to use Langstroth hives.

Top bar bee hives rely on bees building their natural comb. They are less common and not highly recommended for beginners to learn from.

Flow hives help simplify the honey extraction process and can save you time and money in extraction equipment. Flow hives also cause less distress to hives, as you won’t be opening them up as often. Some beekeepers in the industry are reluctant to recommend flow hives to beginners.


A hive starter kit is a big investment in beekeeping. And if you choose wisely, it will serve you well indefinitely. For that reason, you should seek out kits that use high-quality materials.

Tools should be made of stainless steel, as this is a bee-friendly material that is strong, durable, and won’t rust over time. Not only that, they’re incredibly easy to keep clean.

All of the hive boxes we’ve recommended are made from wood. Pine and fir wood are common materials used because they are hardy, and won’t shrink when wet.

With clothing, you want to find a balance between comfort and protection. Leather and canvas are two of the more common materials because they are flexible, comfortable, but most importantly – sting-proof!

Books & DVDs

No matter their skill level, beekeepers are always learning! For that reason, many of the hive starter kits we’ve recommended also include educational material such as books and DVDs.

These learning tools are very important, as you’ll always be on the hunt for new skills, techniques, methods, and advice. For that reason, it’s important to choose a kit that will teach you a new thing or two!

Many of these books cover specialized topics. So if you’re interested in a particular area of beekeeping, such as honey extraction, monetization, disease management, etc., research if the included boo/DVD covers it.

Beekeeper in protected space with bee hives


Beekeeping is one of the most rewarding things you can learn. But an extensive list of tools can put many beginners off. What do I need to buy? How many? How much? And that’s before taking care of the hive itself!

Bee hive starter kits are tailor-made to simplify it all, and will give you everything you need to get started, with no filler! The best kits will cut down on the confusion and cost of beekeeping and get right to the point.

What makes bee kits so effective, is that they include essential equipment every beekeeper needs, no matter if they’re new or professional. From hive tools and smokers to bottom boards and queen excluders, to hive boxes, frames, and more!

The best kits will also come with their very own protective clothing, saving you time and energy preparing for your first hive.

What’s more, many of these kits include teaching resources, books, and DVDs that will help you learn quickly, and most importantly, continue to upskill and improve.

From buying and setting up your first beehive and extracting honey, to making money, disease control, and more – you can self-learn it all!

If you want a head-start this beekeeping season, and want to do things right from the start, make the sensible choice and tie it all together – buy the best hive kits today!

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