The 10 Best Honey Dispensers That Are Easy to Use

If the only thing stopping you from using delicious honey is the messy cleanup, then you need one thing simple in your life – you need to buy the best honey dispensers.

Whilst honey adds a sweet flavor to any food or drink, it’s one of the stickiest, messiest things that can spill in your kitchen. A container, jar, or dispenser can help by safely storing your honey and keeping it fresh.

You can also use them to help pour the honey out, with no mess or stress involved. Many are so well built that they become lifelong utensils in your kitchen.

But choosing the best dispenser can be difficult. There is so much choice on the market. Should you buy for design? Or how easy it is to use? Or perhaps, the size?

With that in mind, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite honey dispensers that do it all. Each one works great and will help you pour your honey and other liquids with ease. Not only that, they’ll each make for beautiful household decorations.

The 10 Best Honey Dispensers

1. Hunnibi No Drip Glass Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass

Hunnibi No Drip Glass Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass

Make your breakfast that bit sweeter with this beautiful no-drip glass honey dispenser from Hunnibi Store.

With a beautiful, fun honeycomb design, this dispenser is light, strong, and durable and promises to eliminate messy leaks and keep honey fresh and at your disposal.

The big selling point is how easy this dispenser is to use. Simply twist on the cap and push the centerpiece. Honey will flow out the bottom of the dispenser.

This gravity-like system is the perfect way of storing and dispensing messy or sticky liquid and helps you control the amount you apply. It stores up to 8 oz. of honey, the perfect portion for breakfast, tea, or dessert.

We also love that your honey will always be kept fresh and viscous, thanks to the airtight stopper at the bottom of the jar. This helps slow down the crystallization process honey naturally goes through.

Things we love:

  • Beautiful, bee-themed design
  • Strong, sturdy no-drip glass design
  • Airtight, keeping honey fresh, safe and secure
  • The trigger button is easy to use, and never comes in contact with honey

Things to consider:

  • A smaller hole at the bottom is not ideal with thick, clumpy sauces

2. eHomeA2Z Honey Dispenser with Metal Top

eHomeA2Z Honey Dispenser with Metal Top

Drizzle honey over anything from breakfast pancakes, yogurt, cereal to tea, coffee, and more with this convenient dispenser.

Made with tempered thick, commercial-grade glass with a metal top, this dispenser is non-slip and so can be used in both a kitchen or dining room set. Its cast-zinc top keeps the honey secure and fresh-tasting at all times, and a gasket in the lid prevents leaks.

Altogether, you have a well-made dispenser that will last the test of time. The top twists off easily for cleaning; simply hand washes under lukewarm water to keep the dispenser in pristine condition.

We love that the gasket closes over the spout, which cuts off the liquid when you’ve used the desired amount. And as it holds 14 oz., it’s a sizeable dispenser that can sit on kitchen countertops or dining tables alike.

Things we love:

  • Made with tempered thick, commercial-grade glass
  • Non-slip design
  • Cast zinc top and gasket prevents leaking
  • Easy to refill and keep clean

3. Norpro Honey/Syrup Dispenser

Norpro Honey/Syrup Dispenser

Never waste a drop of honey again, with this well-designed dispenser from Norpro.

With a signature beehive shape, the real joy of this dispenser is how easy it is to use. Push down on the level to accurately pour honey out. Release the lever to close, sealing the hole and preventing any drips or leaks.

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We also love that this dispenser helps prevent crystallization inside and around the spout. This is because of how easy the dispenser is to clean and maintain; simply fill the glass base with 3 oz. of hot water to keep it polished and pristine.

Lastly, the lid and handle are both chrome-plated, giving it a sparkling shimmer and extra-resistance. This dispenser is a long-term investment for any kitchen. It also holds up to 8 oz. of honey; perfect for a breakfast bar or as part of a picnic basket.

Things we love:

  • Beehive-design
  • Chrome-plated lid and handle
  • A simple lever release system prevents leaks

Things to consider:

  • Not for stove or microwave use

4. Good Cook Glass Honey Dispenser

Good Cook Glass Honey Dispenser

This simple dispenser can eliminate messy breakfasts and sticky situations around the kitchen, and keep honey, syrups, and other liquids both fresh and safe.

First, the most impressive thing is how much it can hold. With an impressive 12 oz. capacity, you’ll be able to hold a sizeable amount of honey at any one time.

The honey dispenser is also very effective in minimizing leaks and spillages, thanks to the spring-loaded tab on its lid, and the smooth finish on the glass keeps your honey tasting fresh for longer.

Cleaning this dispenser can be a little tricky, given the different parts which separate. The bottle-vessel can be heated slightly in the microwave, whereas the glass container can go straight into the dishwasher. Hand-washing the lid and spring are recommended.

Things we love:

  • Simplistic design helps keep honey fresh for longer
  • Holds one of the largest amounts of honey at 12 oz.
  • Spring-loaded tab on lid prevents leaks

Things to consider:

  • Various parts are cleaned differently

5. Elwiya Mason Jar Rust-proof Honey Dispenser

Elwiya Mason Jar Rust-proof Honey Dispenser

Transform your mason jars into stylish honey dispensers with these exquisite pumps from Elwiya.

We know what you’re thinking – can these toppers keep honey mess-free and staying fresh? Let us put your mind to rest.

The lids come with sealing rings that keep honey airtight, slowing down the crystallization process. Attached to sturdy mason jars, honey is also protected and stable. Both pump and lids are made of food-grade BPA-free plastic, which won’t rust like metal competitors.

You can spread 0-10 ml of honey per pump, with no dripping, mess, or residue afterwards from the spout. These smaller bursts of liquid means also help you control the exact amount of liquid you want to use.

Finally, what seals the deal with these are the vintage labels you can put on your jars – perfect for elevating your kitchen, or as part of a wedding candy table. And as the labels suggest, these dispensers can be used to hold a variety of different liquids and substances.

Things we love:

  • Simple to use and install on jars
  • Lids come with sealing rings to keep honey airtight
  • Decorative labels included

Things to consider:

  • Measure mason jars – they must be longer than 10 cm.

6. STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Container

STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Container

Put a sparkle to your morning food with this beautifully crafted beehive honey jar dispenser from Studio Silversmith.

Made with premium transparent glass, this jar can dispense sticky liquids like honey or syrup with ease, thanks to the included wooden honey dipper. Simply place the dipper in, twirl it around and carry the honey out!

The lid can be lifted easily for refills or cleaning, thanks to the handy knob placed at the top. And measuring at 5.25” x 4.5”, it’s perfectly sized for a breakfast bar or kitchen countertop.

We especially love the bee-theme to this jar, which allows it to double as a beautiful decoration. Its shape and glass etchings mimic that of a traditional beehive, and because of its transparency, you’ll be able to see gleaming honey at all times.

Things we love:

  • Beautiful bee-themed design
  • Lead-free dipper
  • The lid can be easily removed
  • Honey dipper included
  • Can be easily refilled

7. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Honey Container

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Honey Container

With a classic, simple design, this squeeze bottle is perfectly able to spread your honey with zero mess, spills, or fuss.

With a unique cap that stays open whilst being squeezed, expect precise pours every time. The cap snaps closed for when you need to store it away, or when you need to shake the contents up.

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The bottle is durable and reusable and can store honey as well as oil, vinegar, dressings, and other syrup-like substances with ease. Because the dispenser is very precise, it’s a useful way of applying liquids for home baking.

This bottle is BPA-free, meaning no harmful chemicals will leech into your honey and spoil the taste. The bottle is also dishwasher safe and comes apart easily for cleaning. Lastly, it has useful measurement markings along its side, including in cups, oz, and mL.

Things we love:

  • The multi-purpose bottle can store other sticky/messy liquids
  • 3 measurements on side of the bottle
  • Precise control when spreading honey – ideal for cooking and baking
  • BPA-free bottle
  • Dishwasher safe

Things to consider:

  • Very simplistic design

8. American Metalcraft 6 oz Beehive Syrup Dispenser

American Metalcraft 6 oz Beehive Syrup Dispenser

Perfect for adding a splash of honey to your food or drinks, this beehive honey dispenser from American Metalcraft is strong, durable, and very easy to clean.

First, let’s talk about how well made it is. Ridged glass adds sturdiness and dimensions to the dispenser. And because it is transparent, you will always be able to see how much honey is left at any one time.

It can hold up to 6 oz. of honey, which is an ideal amount to use around breakfast time or for a picnic. And with transparent glass, you’ll always be able to see the amount of honey left at any one time.

The dispenser has a side spring flap that is made of chrome metal, which is rust-resistant, and overall each part is easy to detach and clean. That said, the lid is not airtight, and so many affect the quality of your honey over long periods.

Things we love:

  • Simple design to pour honey
  • Small, compact but holds a decent size of honey
  • Ridged glass is sturdy
  • Chrome-metal side spring flap is resilient
  • Easy to refill

Things to consider:

  • No airtight sealing, honey may not be kept fresh over long periods.

9. Yelocota 8oz Diamond Shape Honey Dispenser

Yelocota 8oz Diamond Shape Honey Dispenser

With superior quality and high durability, this diamond-shaped honey dispenser from Yelocota is a stand-out honey dispenser.

First, let’s talk about how it’s made. A non-slip silicone bottom, together with stainless steel metal, means this dispenser is both easy to wash and clean and will withstand the test of time. A combination of heavy-duty glass also ensures honey is kept secured and safe at all times.

We especially love how easy this dispenser is to use. Simply press the release on the handle and the honey will instantly flow out the bottom. Let go of the release and the honey stops immediately. No drips. No trails. No sticky mess!

Lastly, the signature diamond shape transforms the dispenser into a decoration in its own right and is sure to become a signature piece of furniture in any room it is in.

Things we love:

  • Made of heavy-duty glass
  • Easy trigger system
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Easy to clean
  • Diamond-shape elevates the look of the dispenser

10. CLEVLI Honey Dispenser with Non-Slip Support and Flip Top Lid

CLEVLI Honey Dispenser with Non-Slip Support and Flip Top Lid

With a beautiful bee-themed design, this dispenser will help you spread your honey with no fear of mess or sticky spills.

This is thanks to its non-drip design, which lets you pour honey quickly and with precision. An improved bottom flow to this dispenser also means you won’t have to wait long for the honey to pour out.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply remove the stopper on the bottom of the container. Press on the trigger and the honey will flow. The bottom stand is included!

Made of quality-construction glass, the jar has a rugged polished chrome lid for extra resilience. And we think you’ll admit, it looks beautiful with hexagonal ripped etchings.

Whilst this dispenser is compact, it can hold a sizable 8 oz. of honey, which is the ideal amount to serve family and guests at breakfast and for dessert, or taking it along on a picnic.

Lastly, the dispenser is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. It’s suitable for all types of sticky liquids including a variety of honey, syrups, sauces, and flavorings.

Things we love:

  • Bee-themed design
  • Quality construction glass with polished chrome lid
  • Compact, but still holding 8 oz. of honey
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use trigger system
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Honey Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

With so much great choice, it might be hard to choose which is the best honey dispenser. We’ve compiled some buying tips for you to consider so that you can make an informed decision.

Honey dispenser top of tea cup

What should my honey dispenser be made of?

Dispensers can be made out of glass, plastic, or metal. The most important thing you should consider when picking between these three is:

Easy to clean – How do I wash the dispenser? Is it dishwasher safe? Can it be heated? Can I use chemicals on it? Or must it be hand-washed?

Durable – is the dispenser built to last? Does it have high-quality materials or extra resistances? Does it have non-slip designs or other features to improve the shelf life?

Chemical-free – especially important if the dispenser is made of plastic. Avoid harmful chemicals as these can seep into honey or other substances and affect its taste and quality.

Sturdy design – does any part of the dispenser detach? And if so, does this impact the overall strength of the container? Pay particular attention to dispensers with removable lids or handles.

Accessories – some dispensers come with useful accessories, including honey dippers and nozzles. Some of these tools can even help other utensils and appliances work in your kitchen.

Capacity – the majority of honey dispensers measure between 8 – 14 oz. These are perfect sizes for kitchen use, breakfast and dining tables, or carrying around for a picnic.

Why should honey dispensers be airtight?

Crystallization is a naturally occurring thing in honey, as a result of its chemical makeup. You can help prevent/slow down this process by keeping honey in airtight conditions.

Honey dispensers come with a variety of lids. If honey is staying for long periods in the dispenser, invest in airtight sealed equipment.

Is the lid worth it?

Lids can have a big impact on the freshness of your honey. Some dispensers use a different material for their lids, which is something you must check.

As a general rule, avoid plastics that may have harmful chemicals. Chrome-plated lids are durable and will not affect the taste. Also worth checking is, is there more than one lid supplied? Can it break, and if so, is it replaceable?

What do I do if honey crystallizes?

First, don’t panic. Your honey is still safe to eat. Many people rectify this by heating their honey. Be careful placing your dispenser in a microwave or hot water – check to see if this is safe to do first.

Many of the best dispensers have detachable parts you can clean individually, or have narrow spouts to prevent a build-up of crystallization clogging the utensil.

Look great? Work great? (Why not both?)

There’s nothing that says a honey dispenser can’t look great as well as work great. Many of the dispensers we’ve picked out, all look and work beautifully as ornaments, too.

This is important if you’re buying the above items as gifts. Look for bee-themed designs including hexagons, hive-shapes, and ribbed glass.

How to fill a honey dispenser?

  1. Always fill your dispenser on a flat surface.
  2. Remove lid and pour liquid in
  3. Secure lid tightly to preserve freshness and taste.
  4. When not in use, store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

How much should I fill?

The majority of dispensers will hold up to 14 oz. of honey. Try to avoid filling dispensers fully, in case any honey sticks to the underside of the lid.

Some honey dispensers have helpful measurements on their sides or are transparent, allowing you to see exactly how much you should refill.

Can I use honey dispensers for storing other things?

Whilst it ultimately depends on what dispensers you buy, the correct answer should be – yes.

The best dispensers can carry any and all tricky substances, including other syrups, sauces, oils, spices, and more.

How should I store honey?

As we’ve already mentioned, an airtight container is vital to protecting honey’s original taste and texture.

Honey preserves best in a temperature-controlled room. You should also avoid placing your dispenser in direct sunlight, as well as a refrigerator and freezer.

Two honey dispensers


As one of the tastiest treats for food, honey comes at a frustrating cost. It’s messy, sticky, and stains surfaces immediately. Some people avoid it completely for this reason.

Honey dispensers are the best way of tackling this problem. Many are suitable for other types of syrups and sauces too, making them versatile investments for your kitchen.

The most important thing you must do is research your buy carefully. The best honey dispensers will keep your food safe, secure, and fresh.

Pick one which you like the design of, which holds enough honey for your needs, and whose design is sturdy to last a long time. Avoid harmful chemicals or harsh materials, which could negatively impact the taste of your food.

Lastly, some of the best honey dispensers also double as beautiful ornaments which can elevate any kitchen or dining table. Do not be put off by their intricate design – embrace it!

With the right honey dispenser, your kitchen, worktops, and clothes will be stain-free. And your food will taste better than ever before.

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