The 9 Best Honey Jars to Safely Store Honey

Honey is undoubtedly one of the most delicious foods you can eat. It can flavor everything from our toast to our cereals, tea and coffee, to ice-creams, sweets and more.

But one of the most delicious foods in the world can come at an annoying cost – honey is incredibly messy, sticky, and painful to clean up.

If you want to enjoy nature’s finest food without the mess, we have the perfect solution for you. All you need to get are the best honey jars, to store your honey with!

Honey jars come in many shapes, sizes and designs, but share one thing in common. They store your honey effectively, protect its quality, and help spread it on your food without wasting a single drop!

It’s not magic, either. Honey jars are specially designed to prevent leaks, spills and many are incredibly easy to clean, too. Modern honey jars even come so well made they double as beautiful table decorations, and can be used to store a variety of other kitchen treats as well.

We’ve found 9 of the best honey jars that you can find anywhere and will unstick your kitchen from any future honey catastrophes!

9 of the Best Honey Jars Reviewed:

1. Crystal Beehive Honey Jar with Honey Dipper from Studio Silversmiths

Crystal Beehive Honey Jar with Honey Dipper from Studio Silversmiths

Make your breakfast truly glisten with this beautifully crafted beehive honey jar from Studio Silversmith. We think you’ll agree, it looks simply stunning!

Measuring 4.5” x 4.5” 5.25”, the jar can easily fit on any kitchen tabletop, dining or coffee table without fuss. It also comes with a wooden honey dipper, which ensures you can spread your honey without fear of spills or mess.

Made with premium high-quality crystal, this honey jar’s transparent design ensures you’ll see the glistening hues of your honey every morning. The lid can be easily gripped to refill when needed, or when you need to clean the container. It can also act as a honey dispenser.

Designed to mimic a traditional beehive, this jar can not only store your honey but will no doubt become a signature decoration in your home.

Things we love:

  • Beautifully crafted design
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Lead-free honey dipper included
  • Easy-grip on lid for refilling
  • Built for long-lasting use

2. Glass Beehive Honey Jar with Honey Dipper and Lid from Mkono

Glass Beehive Honey Jar with Honey Dipper and Lid from Mkono

Say goodbye to messy spoons, knives and other utensils, with this user-friendly, chic honey jar from Mkono.

First, we love the simplistic design of this honey jar. Its lid can be removed easily to refill or to clean. An opening at the side conveniently holds the honey dipper in place.

We’re also impressed with the honey jar’s sturdy design. Made with high-quality materials including non-toxic, non-pollutant and tasteless borosilicate glass, this jar will last the test of time and is a great kitchen investment to make.

Measuring 5” x 2.5”, it can hold up to 8 oz. of delicious honey and is perfect for a breakfast bar or coffee table. We also love that it comes with a 6” honey dipper, which offers a stress-free spreading experience.

Things we love:

  • Made of non-toxic, tasteless borosilicate glass
  • User-friendly lid that is easy to clean
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Honey dipper included

3. youngs Inc Ceramic Jar with Honey Dipper

youngs Inc Ceramic Jar with Honey Dipper

Fashionable and functional, this ceramic honey dip jar will transform your daily breakfast with its user-friendly experience and decorative appearance.

We think you’ll agree, the hexagonal details of this jar are beautiful and add a signature bee stamp of approval. Measuring 3.75″x3.75″x5.5″, it can store a sizeable amount of honey. And weighing just 1 lb, you can carry it from table to counter with no fuss.

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As this jar is made of ceramic, it will protect the honey from direct sunlight, a major cause of honey crystallization which can impact honey texture and taste. Additionally, ceramic jars are scratch-resistant and incredibly durable, making this a long-lasting investment for your kitchen.

Being ceramic, this honey jar is also incredibly easy to clean and has no nasty materials or chemicals which could leach into your honey. What’s more, ceramic materials are environmentally friendly when made.

Lastly, this honey jar has a beautiful design aesthetic, including a honeybee handle, which is sure to add charm and character to any room it sits in.

Things we love:

  • Stylish design with hexagonal engravings and bee-themed lid
  • Made of ceramic which protects honey from sunlight and slows down the crystallization process
  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight, weighing just 1 lb

4. Heat-Resistant Glass Honey Jar with Honey Dipper from Lawei

Heat-Resistant Glass Honey Jar with Honey Dipper from Lawei

Your honey will look golden, irresistible and delicious every morning in this delicate, transparent honey jar from Lawei.

Whilst the design of this jar is simplistic, this only means it is even more user-friendly and practical. No additional utensils required for cleanups!

These honey jars are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which means they are non-toxic and won’t add any unwanted or unnecessary chemicals that affect the taste and spoil your honey.

Measuring 7.01” x 5.75” x 4.09”, the jar can hold up to 10 oz of honey, which makes it ideal for adding honey to meals, drinks and more. Its compact design adds remarkable beauty and simplicity to any kitchen or dining room.

The honey jar comes with a transparent 6” honey dipper, which fits in nicely to a groove in the jar’s lid. This means, however, that the jar is not airtight and so may affect the honey over longer periods.

Things we love:

  • Stylish transparent design
  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass which is non-toxic
  • The ribbed design adds character
  • Honey dipper included

Things to consider:

  • Not an airtight seal, so honey quality may suffer over time

5. Stoneware Honey Pot with Acacia Wood Dipper and Lid by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia

Stoneware Honey Pot with Acacia Wood Dipper and Lid by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia

Inspired by all things farming, this traditional honey pot will keep your honey staying fresh, delectable and is one of the sturdiest containers you will find on the market.

We’re very impressed with the production of this honey jar, including the use of high-quality materials. As it’s made of ceramic, the jar will not release any harmful chemicals or foul tastes that could contaminate the honey.

Ceramic also has the benefit of being scratch-proof, making this jar a life-long investment in your kitchen. Not only that, but ceramic protects the honey from direct sunlight, which may cause it to crystalize faster than normal.

The lid and honey dipper are both made of acacia wood, which is both durable and resistant.

Lastly, we love how easy this honey jar is to keep clean. It’s dishwasher friendly, which is so important considering how messy honey is to remove from things by hand!

Things we love:

  • Sturdy, traditional design
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
  • Made of ceramic which protects honey from sunlight
  • Lid and honey dipper is made of acacia wood

6. Glass Skep Honey Jar from Little Giant (12 Pack)

Glass Skep Honey Jar from Little Giant (12 Pack)

Don’t be fooled by its simple design. This glass honey jar from Little Giant is one of the best ways of storing your honey and most importantly, spreading it!

The jars resemble traditional straw beehives called a skep. Each one can store 1 lb of honey, and comes in sets of 12.

Each jar has a sturdy airtight metal lid, which protects your honey’s taste, texture and viscosity. An airtight seal also helps prevent accidental spillages from happening.

The honey jars are all made of quality clear glass, and a measurement scale on the side of each jar will always give you a clear indication of how much honey you have left. It also helps in measuring out amounts when cooking in the kitchen.

One of the most interesting features of this honey jar is that it has convenient spaces on either side for food labels, which may suit amateur or professional beekeepers who sell their honey.

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Things we love:

  • Skep design is simple, but something bee enthusiasts will love
  • Airtight metal lids ensure the honey is secure and kept in great condition
  • Space for labels
  • Measurement on sides is useful for refills and cooking with honey

Things to consider:

  • No dipper is included
  • Potentially focused on amateur and professional beekeepers

7. COLIBYOU Honey Jar with Wood Dipper

COLIBYOU Honey Jar with Wood Dipper

Transform your kitchen table or dining room with this artisan-inspired honey jar with a wood dipper from COLIBYOU.

We think you’ll agree from the floral artwork on the lid to the intricate glasswork on the sides, that this honey jar is a piece of art in and of itself.

But don’t let the fancy appearance fool you either, as this honey jar functions just as well as any competitor. Measuring 8.1” x 6.8” x 5.8”, the jar can hold a sizeable amount of honey per refill.

The crystal knob on top of the lid is a signature element to these jars and ensures you can easily pour honey in during refills. The jar also comes with a wooden honey dipper to help spread honey.

We also like that this honey jar is transparent, meaning once full it will have an incredibly attractive golden glow.

One thing we will note is, that this jar is not completely airtight, as there is a small hole where the honey dipper sits. As such, honey may be more susceptible to crystallization if left for longer periods. Depending on how often you eat your honey, that may or may not be much of a problem!

Things we love:

  • Beautifully made, with intricate designs and glass
  • Crystal knob on top of the lid for easy removal

Things to consider:

  • Not an airtight lid, which can compromise honey quality long-term

8. Glass Honey Jar with Wooden Dipper and Acacia Lid Cover from DS Stuff

Glass Honey Jar with Wooden Dipper and Acacia Lid Cover from DS Stuff

Despite its simple design, this glass honey jar from DS Stuff is well made, sturdy and will solve all your messy honey problems with ease.

Made of 100% safe, premium glass, these honey jars will protect your honey’s taste and texture at all times. The jars are also dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning and maintaining the jar is incredibly easy and straight-forward.

The honey jar lids are both made from acacia wood, which is both durable and resistant.  made of acacia wood, which is durable, resistant and comes with an incredibly beautiful grain to it. There is a small hole in which you can hold the 5” honey dipper for maximum convenience when not in use.

That said, the hole does mean this jar isn’t entirely airtight, which may compromise honey texture over time.

Lastly, these jars can hold up to 14 oz. of honey and its size of 4” x 3.6” x 1.9” means it is comparable with other sturdy mason jars. The jar promises to prevent spillage of honey – so, say goodbye to stained clothes, sticky countertops and utensils!

Things we love:

  • Straight-forward design
  • Acacia wooden lid is durable, resistant and has a beautiful grain
  • Small size is perfect as tableware

Things to consider:

  • The lid airtight lid, which can compromise quality over some time

9. Cottage Creek Porcelain Honey Jar and Wooden Honey Dipper

Cottage Creek Porcelain Honey Jar and Wooden Honey Dipper

Promising outstanding craftsmanship and quality, this cottage creek honey jar from Tumbleweed ticks all the boxes when it comes to storing your honey, with no messes guaranteed!

First, let’s talk about its real selling-point. As this honey jar is made of porcelain, no chemicals or toxins will harm your honey. The jar is completely food safe. Not only that, but it’s dishwasher friendly too – making it convenient and reliable, time after time!

At 7” x 6.5” x 6”, this honey jar is the perfect tabletop size for any kitchen, dining room or coffee table. Together with its chic look and understated design, it will no doubt capture many people’s attention as a beautiful decoration in its own right.

We also love that the jar is made of high premium porcelain materials. Each pot is kiln-fired twice, offering top-notch strength and durability and an unmatched, polished finish.

A wooden dipper is also included and offers an easy way to grab honey quickly and with no zero mess, and zero stress!

Things we love:

  • Twice kiln-fired, which offers superior durability and reliability
  • The porcelain finish is attractive and decorative
  • Wooden honey dipper included
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • No toxins or harmful chemicals used in the production
Honey jar with dipper

Honey Jar Buyer’s Guide

Honey is an important food around the world. But you might be wondering why you should invest in a specialized honey jar? After all, store-bought honey already comes in a jar, right?

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The honey jars we’ve recommended are superior for several reasons, including:

  • Judging the quality of honey
  • Maintaining its taste and texture
  • Storing larger quantities
  • Preventing accidental spills and leaks
  • Additional utensils to help spread honey
  • Doubling as beautiful ornaments and gifts

1. Quality control

High-quality honey has a signature rich taste, smell and thickness to it. Honey jars are useful because they can easily allow you to judge honey’s quality content.

In jars, fresh honey should be consistent, and not set in layers. Over time, honey may crystallize into a cream-colored solid – this is not necessarily your jar’s fault, as it occurs due to the natural qualities found in honey (glucose and fructose).

2. Airtight lids and crystallization

Although crystallization is naturally occurring, there is a way of slowing down the process and essentially increasing the texture and longevity of your honey – airtight, sealed lids!

When honey loses moisture, the speed of crystallization accelerates. Airtight lids are an easy solution to preventing this and protecting your honey.

Some honey jars have small holes to hold the honey dipper. Whilst this is convenient, it does expose your honey to this problem, and is something you should consider when deciding between honey jars.

Crystallized honey is still perfectly safe to eat – though you will need to prepare it by heating it.

3. Honey dippers make spreading so easy

As you may have seen, many of the honey jars we recommend come with what’s called a honey dipper. Honey dippers are useful kitchen utensils that excel in spreading viscous liquid like honey from containers onto food and other surfaces.

When you dip it into the honey, honey is collected throughout the many grooves on its head. Simply remove the dipper, slowly twisting all the while, to prevent any spillage.

You must buy one which will not negatively impact the honey’s taste. Check for dippers made out of wood, glass or non-toxic plastics.

4. Conveniently store your honey

Honey jars come in all shapes and sizes. The ones we have recommended are ideally used for storing honey in small quantities, ideal for kitchen and dining use.

Because of how viscous honey is, it is not great at regulating temperature. For that reason, it is not advised that your honey jars are left in direct sunlight or refrigerated.

5. Easy to clean?

We all know how annoying it is to clean up honey. It’s one of the stickiest and messiest things you can spill in a kitchen! And the last thing you want is to buy a product which only adds to the problem.

Many of the honey bottles we’ve recommended are all dishwasher friendly, which means that whenever you want to clean the jar, you can do so hassle-free with your appliances.

6. Capacity – how much does it hold?

Honey jars come in a variety of sizes. Ideally, you want a jar that can fit nicely around your kitchen, or on a breakfast bar. They usually come no bigger than 7” in dimensions, though some have intricate handles, lid tops and curves which may exaggerate their size.

Large honey jars, and ones that typically come in groups or sets, are usually aimed towards professional beekeepers and so not ideal for home use.

7. Style

As we’ve mentioned in our product reviews, some honey jars are jaw-dropping decorations that are as fashionable as they are practical.

It’s very common for people to buy honey jars as wedding presents or birthday gifts. If this is you, then prioritize well-designed jars that look the part. However, if you prefer function over fashion, perhaps you should pick a honey jar with a paired back, simplistic look.

Honey jar with honeycomb


Honeybees are nature’s hardest workers. And all that hard work creates one of the world’s tastiest foods – honey.

Whilst honey is a delicious addition to any breakfast, lunch or dessert, and its flavor is unmatched, it does come with one big problem. Honey is very sticky, very messy and can stain expensive tablecloths, clothing and kitchen spaces.

For this reason, many people avoid honey at all costs. Which is a shame given how versatile it can be. But as we’ve shown throughout our reviews, we have a very reliable solution – honey jars.

Honey jars are leak-proof ways of storing even the runniest of honey mixtures. The best are designed to protect the quality and taste of your honey for long periods.

Honey jars are sized perfectly to fit in any location and can be placed out of direct sunlight to protect the honey’s consistency and taste. Many are so beautifully designed that they become signature decorations in their own right, or make for ideal gifts at birthdays, weddings and more.

They also come with honey dippers, utensils that make the spreading of honey mess-free, stress-free, and foolproof.

With the right honey jar, your kitchen will not only look the part, but your food will taste even sweeter than before.

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